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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mass Effect Review

I'll try to be as objective as you can...while subjectively reviewing a game...ahem.

By the way...I have no money, skint and pennyless due to the cost of living in the UK (beer costs bloody £4.00 a pint..), skint because I live alone (well.. I'm reviewing a computer game mmm...), and to boot it's Xmas time (bloody socially accepted spendfest that it is..)

So I thought cautiously, miserly & carefully before parting with my hard earned cash to treat myself to a wee xmas pressy calling itself "Mass Effect", for my newly repaired (3 lights of doom doh..) 360.

I heard all the Hype about this game, well you couldn't help it could you.. all the "Whoops and Aaaahs" from my die-hard-Microsoft-supporting friendbase. "IT's AMAZING, been in development for 40 years you know.." - "It'll change the way you live your life forever, bring you close to God himself..." were just some of the quotes I received in my inbox..So is it the holy grail of Xbox360 gaming?

IS it Jesus really returning to the Earth this christmas, in the form of a role-playing good-vs-evil shoot-em-up experience?

Well for me, no it wasn't.It's essential good points... are also it's bad points. Role Playing games are great fun (Oblivion), and so are 3rd perspective shooters (COD, Quake, etc etc) ... They just don't always work well together as in the case of Mass Effect.

Building up your character is fine and well, he or she can be your mindless soldier, a magician (Biotics..), or an engineer (erm.. also a magician), or any combo of the above. As in true Role-Playing experience, you lose certain abilities when choosing your character, so the soldier dude loses his Magic.. sorry biotics, and the Bio Dude can only shoot a pistol.... But due to the team based elements you essentially get to use their Bio abilities in the field, so all well there.

The first few hours of the game are linear, breaking you into the combat system, and adding a few points here and there in your character development screen beefing up your Luke Skywalker dude. I enjoyed this for a while, only a while.... Open a container, find Medium Armour, a new pistol, weapon upgrade ammo... Equip it to the character... move on, do the same.... It was here the first break in illusion of the perfect game appeared....

RPG - Although you get to choose which aspects of your character you wish to develop.. it's not really that in-depth, or really 'Role-Playing' in the true sense either... Again all very linear.. If your a Soldier, you get to add points to the Assault Rifle, if your a Bio add points to your distant attacks, there's no real way of developing new skills or bringing anything new into play, it's just beefing up what you already have with the exception of opening up shotguns or the annoying Sniper.

The Combat System - is quite hit and miss, it's not Gears of War, or COD, it's a hybrid of those watered down with ROLE PLAYING elements excusing the fact the game moves as slow as a snail in my pint of beer. Duck behind a dull looking crate (always loads of crates in space...), pop up to shoot a JaJa Binks looking dude, kill him, pick up his bloody MEDIUM ARMOUR, equip it via the Screen, move on do-it-again.... Wow.. it's role-playing meets 3rd perspective shooter.. I was sobering up now..

The Universe - It looks really nice visually by the way, a fine collection of bizarre looking extras from StarWars (well the developers did produce KOTOR and the like), well voice acted with some nice looking planets, face animations, space ships... It's all just a tad BORING... I swear to god, in this game you will meet the most mundane, dull, pointless beings in the universe, converse with them at great lengths about the atmospheric conditions of their homeworld, or hear their woes that some Java has stolen their beer or something. Not very exciting at all... Information overload too, you don't have to listen to every single dialog line (thank god) as you can skip by them, and you will after a few hours... It's just not the Star Wars Universe, the baddies are robots and the goodies have magic powers... Oh wait it IS StarWars, just not half as exciting.

Overall average gaming experience, and the moral of my story is don't buy yourself a game 3 weeks before Xmas, Karma will get you for not buying your mum that silly overpriced Dancing On Ice DVD that she hinted.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

AVPR1a - The Generous Gene

Scientists have just discovered a human gene that they think is responsible for Generosity and Altruistic aspects in a person's character.

This is really interesting methinks.... if true, it points the way that even though people mostly look the same.. we are indeed 'made up' very different.

The Gene is called "AVPR1a", plays a key role in allowing a hormone called arginine vasopressin to act on brain cells.

Arginine Vasopressin is thought to be utilised by the body when bonding with parents, friends, partners anf the like, and relates the information passed to and from the Pituitary gland.

Oh well.. I found this all very interesting and indeed some folk just have the natural possibility to care about others... and some folk don't.... And most importantly.... some folks know how to manipulate this character aspects of people to their own ends.....


Monday, September 17, 2007

This Is England

Just finished watching the movie "This Is England" written and directed by Shane Meadows.
I don't usually enjoy movies about skinheads and violence, and suppose I prejudged that this would be another 'oh what a waste of young men' kinda movies, like all those football violence films that were produced in the UK over the past few years.
But I was wrong about this one; set in 1983 to a depressed thatcherite Britain outlook, the film captures the irony of Skinhead culture, as it borrows so much from Black cultures, such as Ska and Reggae music.
The film follows 12yo Shaun as he tries to fit into his life after his father was killed in the pointless Falklands war. He befriends some skinheads who are drawn to the image and culture, but not the racist element that the National Front bring to your stereotypical Skinhead image. Things go awry and young Shaun chooses to align with the psychpathic 'Combo', who is just released from prison.
Although the film can be violent at times, and contains very racist language, the sheer pointlessness of racism is clear. It made me think of all those angry young men who have no aim in life, all that energy and how the choose to outpour their tensions.
Sad in a way, I just thought if people really explored their social positions, they would look to see how we 'are' managed and contained by governments, who do not care in the slightest how the people are.
Give the people enemys to drain their energy (via fake pointless wars such as Vietnam, Falklands, Iraq etc.... Hell ALL WARS...) and let them kill each other while the real enemy sits in Ivory Towers grinning at the sheeple's pointless battles...

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Angry America

Just watched this seriously moving video from youtube called How To Create An Angry American - The power to understand and stop these evil people really does lie with each of us...

Don't wanna get all preachy..... but we must know the lies for what they are.... We read the papers, watch the news, listen to each other talking, and... all we mostly do (me here....) is repeat what we hear.

This excellent video shows quite clearly what these so-called leaders are... lying psycho's with no moral values at all....

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The Flaming Lips at the Indian Summer Festival

I'm back after a two week holiday... and I really needed it!!
Went pike fishing in Loch Awe (Scotland) and caught absolutely nothing at all except midgey bites (Scotland's infamous insects that love human blood more than vampires.....)
Loved the scenery around Inverary and met some cool Irish travellers who can drink more than fish :-)
BUT the highlight was the Indian Summer Festival in Victoria Park. What an amazing gig. The real difference between The Indian Summer festival and other outdoor music festivals is easy to spot, and appreciate. For a start it's very small, only around 2000 people compared to say Glastonbury or T in the Park. I met some of the same folk on the Sunday that I sat with on the Saturday, which is like bumping into the same guy in New York the nexy day... just doesn't happen!
The live music, cider (Brothers Pear all the way from Glastonbury.... Yumm!!), atmosphere, and the vibe of the people there was .... awesome. Not a spot of trouble and the police were also seen enjoying the vibe with lots of smiles all round.. (again this is Glasgow remember!!??) - Good post they had that day.
The highlight of the Sunday was The Flaming Lips, a band I had previously only heard in passing and I certainly wasn't a fan.
One song in particular that really moved the crowd was the Yeah Yeah Yeah song. Frontman Wayne Coyne really knows how to put on a show, complete with surfing the crowd inside a giant balloon (u gotta watch this!) , singing santa's and elves!! - But it was the Yeah Yeah Yeah song that actually made so many people think with it's jaw dropping anti-psychopathic lyrics. Wayne really knows that George Bush and Co are about to take us all the edge of oblivion, and asks us all to use our power to stop these pathocratic psycho's before they kill us all -
If you could blow up the world With the flick of a switch
Would you do it?
If you could make everybody poor
Just so you could be rich
Would you do it?
If you could watch everybody work
While you just lay on your back
Would you do it?
If you could take all the laughs
Without giving any back
Would you do it?
And so we cannot know ourselves
Or what we'd really do...
With all your power....
What would you do?
If you could make your own money
And then give it to everybody
Would you do it? (No no no no, no no no no)
If you knew all the answers
And could give to the masses
Would you do it?
Are you crazy?
It's a very dangerous thing to do
Exactly what you want
Because you cannot know yourself, Or what you'd really do


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We are the muslim haters

I aint been bloggin again or doing much of anything recently. Kinda enjoyed chillin with some really interesting books, The Myth of Sanity and The Narcissistic family. Both highly recommended that allows you to see a little of how each of us are the Walking Wounded.... in our day-to-day states of living with the collected scars we had inflicted from various bad interactions (even from family and friends).

Well as I was starting to enjoy my own company a bit too much (is that a bad thing? - Probably lol. (I'm starting to get worried now :-) I visited Glasgow this weekend to take in some of the shops and lunch with a few mates. Low and behold we've turned into a raving mob of angry muslim haters. 'We are the muslim... haters'..... sung like a football chant, this was flung at all who would listen outside a respectable pub in the west end?! Seriously...

Someone once said your average Muslim is no more likely to blow something up, as your average Christian is for blowing up an abortion clinic. The nutcases who tried to blow up Glasgow airport are examples of Idiots, and Extremists who exist on every religious branch at either end of the scale. It should be obvious that these idiots are not representive of Muslims or Hindus in any way, shape or form.

After all, are we not at war? And does your average citizin support the war? And would a nice show of Muslim Suicide Madness get the 'Revenge' and 'Suspicion?!' cards played among the general population?

It seems the would-be-bombers have actually assisted Blair... ooops sorry Brown (same shit.different day) in his efforts to lick the A in the USA's stinking war mongering attempts to rool-the-wurld?!

MMMmmmmm red flags all over the place. And even Muslim doctors are being givin the eye by the average Jimmy in the street.. with no real information, facts or names... stories are being driven onto the UK papers demonizing the Ahmed Family -

Attacking the Intelligentsia are we ala the way the Nazi's did??

But something else also hit me.... The West has been shitting on muslims in general for a long time now. From giving Palestine to the Jews, manipulating politics, starting self interest wars, and generally pissing off generations of muslims and their middle eastern cousins alike; we have lit a tinderbox - And the odd psycho is going to react in a typical psycho way.. Hence the Glasgow Airport Bombers?

Possible? I think so.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Futher Restrictions On Student Freedoms

Just came out of hibernation ............... God it's either sleep or wake up and face the music.... I'm tired sleeping.....

Just caught up on the latest US efforts to imitate Nazi Germany to the letter. The FBI are now encouraging university faculty, students and staff about the dangers of foreign spies, and terrorists at campuses throughout the USA. The dangers and clues to identifying those pesky terrorists include:

" Unexplained affluence
, failing to report overseas travel
, showing unusual interest in information outside the job scope
, keeping unusual work hours
, unreported contacts with foreign nationals
, unreported contact with foreign government, military, or intelligence officials
, attempting to gain new accesses without the need to know
, and unexplained absences..............

...................Are all considered potential espionage indicators. "

" What we're most concerned about are those things that are not classified being developed by MIT [Massachusetts Institute of Technology], Worcester Polytech [Worcester Polytechnic Institute] and other universities," Warren Bamford, special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston office, told the Boston Herald. "It's to make sure these institutions receive training...[on] what spies look for. There are hundreds of projects going on that could be useful to a foreign power. "

" My understanding is that what the FBI is proposing is not illegal, but it does raise questions about the chilling effect in regard to academia,"Chris Ott, Communications Manager of the ACLU of Massachusetts told WSWS. "What will it mean about feeling free to pursue information? People on the campuses will be afraid to ask questions or take on the investigation of certain areas, say, for example, nuclear energy. "

Basically, every nation that allows it leader's to go down this route.... are heading for a whole world of pain and suffering. It happened to China, Russia, Germany, countless other nations.... and now it's happening today in the USA.

Compare if you will to the rise fascism in Nazi Germany:

The Gestapo was a part of the SS which also had the power to arrest anyone it wanted. It mainly spied on people, read their mail and tapped their telephones. It encouraged people to report on their neighbours and fellow workers. Children were even encouraged to spy on their parents. The Gestapo became the most feared organisation is Germany.

The Police, SS and the Gestapo made sure that the Nazi's remained in TOTAL CONTROL of Germany

Oh and yes... the US now has the power to legally wire tap phones, ISPs etc. This is now covered by CALEA.
Internet telephone calls are fast becoming a national security threat that must be countered with new police wiretap rules, according to an FBI proposal presented quietly to regulators this month.

It's getting late so I'll close this one off now..... But the US is moving slowly, ever so slowly to the position of Nazi Germany..... You may say 'It won't happen... nah?!' - I think it's inevitable... nations don't go down this route unless the goverment is seriously mental.... and pathocratic. Bush/Hitler........ Man i'm scared..

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fascist America.. Ponerology in process

Just read a very revealing article from the UK Guardian, no less, that perfectly explains why the USA is now officially, a Fascist country.

Ok, so no surprises there to some of you. But this is actually a difficult fact to comprehend if you've been brought up on a diet of Red White & Blue, beauty pageants and mom's apple pie.

The amount of people who still declare Islamic Terrorists carried out 9/11 and WE must get them, before they get to us.. is frankly terrifying. I swear the US pays people to troll internet chatrooms. blogs, forums etc to keep this delusional mindset alive. If only people understood that a minority of Psychopaths in power CAN infect the minds of 'normal' people, to accept their deviant worldview and processes as sane and perfectly acceptable.

They are aided by the media of course (who are also infiltrated and financed by the alphabet soup agencies - ever heard of Operation Mockingbird..), so everywhere you look, this backward, twisted version of reality is accepted, without question, by so many 'normal' individuals. This process has been named by author Dr Andrew M. Lobaczewski as Ponerology..... The study of Evil.

The first manuscript of this book went into the fire five minutes before the arrival of the secret police in Communist Poland. The second copy, reassembled painfully by scientists working under impossible conditions of repression, was sent via a courier to the Vatican. Its receipt was never acknowledged, no word was ever heard from the courier - the manuscript and all the valuable data was lost. The third copy was produced after one of the scientists working on the project escaped to America in the 1980s. Zbigniew Brzezinski suppressed it.

Dr L explains that once psychopaths infiltrate existing organisations (The Labour Party, Conservative, The Democrats, The Republicans, Media groups... you name it..), or create their own organisations... 'they' are able to create a sort of neurosis within people who are susceptable to manipulations and are used as pawns to assist the Pathocrats. Bush aint a leader... he has his masters who manipulate him (Cheney), and those manipulators in turn have people pulling their strings. Like a negative hierarchy...

The subject of ponerology and the resulting Pathocrats is vast, I will go into over time, but I urge the interested reader to delve in themselves and read the pages in full.

This brings me back to the Guardian article I mentioned at the start:

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

Last autumn, there was a military coup in Thailand. The leaders of the coup took a number of steps, rather systematically, as if they had a shopping list. In a sense, they did. Within a matter of days, democracy had been closed down: the coup leaders declared martial law, sent armed soldiers into residential areas, took over radio and TV stations, issued restrictions on the press, tightened some limits on travel, and took certain activists into custody.

They were not figuring these things out as they went along. If you look at history, you can see that there is essentially a blueprint for turning an open society into a dictatorship. That blueprint has been used again and again in more and less bloody, more and less terrifying ways. But it is always effective. It is very difficult and arduous to create and sustain a democracy - but history shows that closing one down is much simpler. You simply have to be willing to take the 10 steps.

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy

(Those darn pesky Muslims 'who hate our freedom'.... to 9/11. Remember, Hitler burnt down the Reichstag in order to create the Enabling Act, a State Of Emergency without end... Similar to the NeoCon War of Civilisations... IE conquer of the Middle East

2. Create a gulag

(The American detention centre at Guantánamo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan.... People are kidnapped off the street and taken to secret military courts, where the normal due process is denied, tortured and never heard of again... Didn't the same thing happen in Italy and Nazi Germany?)

3. Develop a thug caste

(Think of the private mercenary forces that are employed by the Pentagon in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Iraq, some of these contract operatives have been accused of involvement in torturing prisoners, harassing journalists and firing on Iraqi civilians. Under Order 17, issued to regulate contractors in Iraq by the one-time US administrator in Baghdad, Paul Bremer, these contractors are immune from prosecution.

And of course the thugs who terrorised people after the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, remember all the innocents who were shot?)

4. Set up an internal surveillance system

(Bush's wiretapping scandal? In closed societies, this surveillance is cast as being about "national security"; the true function is to keep citizens docile and inhibit their activism and dissent.)

5. Harass citizens' groups

(The ACLU reports that thousands of ordinary American anti-war, environmental and other groups have been infiltrated by agents: a secret Pentagon database includes more than four dozen peaceful anti-war meetings, rallies or marches by American citizens in its category of 1,500 "suspicious incidents".

The equally secret Counterintelligence Field Activity (Cifa) agency of the Department of Defense has been gathering information about domestic organisations engaged in peaceful political activities: Cifa is supposed to track "potential terrorist threats" as it watches ordinary US citizen activists. A little-noticed new law has redefined activism such as animal rights protests as "terrorism". So the definition of "terrorist" slowly expands to include the opposition.)

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release

(Anti-war marcher? Potential terrorist. Support the constitution? Potential terrorist. History shows that the categories of "enemy of the people" tend to expand ever deeper into civil life.

James Yee, a US citizen, was the Muslim chaplain at Guantánamo who was accused of mishandling classified documents. He was harassed by the US military before the charges against him were dropped. Yee has been detained and released several times. He is still of interest.

Brandon Mayfield, a US citizen and lawyer in Oregon, was mistakenly identified as a possible terrorist. His house was secretly broken into and his computer seized. Though he is innocent of the accusation against him, he is still on the list. It is a standard practice of fascist societies that once you are on the list, you can't get off.)

7. Target key individuals

(Bush supporters in state legislatures in several states put pressure on regents at state universities to penalise or fire academics who have been critical of the administration. As for civil servants, the Bush administration has derailed the career of one military lawyer who spoke up for fair trials for detainees, while an administration official publicly intimidated the law firms that represent detainees pro bono by threatening to call for their major corporate clients to boycott them.

Elsewhere, a CIA contract worker who said in a closed blog that "waterboarding is torture" was stripped of the security clearance she needed in order to do her job.

Most recently, the administration purged eight US attorneys for what looks like insufficient political loyalty. When Goebbels purged the civil service in April 1933, attorneys were "coordinated" too, a step that eased the way of the increasingly brutal laws to follow.)

8. Control the press

(Ahhh my favourite one.... The Committee to Protect Journalists says arrests of US journalists are at an all-time high: Josh Wolf, a blogger in San Francisco, has been put in jail for a year for refusing to turn over video of an anti-war demonstration; Homeland Security brought a criminal complaint against reporter Greg Palast, claiming he threatened "critical infrastructure" when he and a TV producer were filming victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. Palast had written a bestseller critical of the Bush administration.

And do you think all those journalists in Iraq were killed by accident?)

Over time in closing societies, real news is supplanted by fake news and false documents. Pinochet showed Chilean citizens falsified documents to back up his claim that terrorists had been about to attack the nation. The yellowcake charge, too, was based on forged papers.)

9. Dissent equals treason

(Most Americans do not realise that since September of last year - when Congress wrongly, foolishly, passed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 - the president has the power to call any US citizen an "enemy combatant". He has the power to define what "enemy combatant" means. The president can also delegate to anyone he chooses in the executive branch the right to define "enemy combatant" any way he or she wants and then seize Americans accordingly)

Legal rights activists at the Center for Constitutional Rights say that the Bush administration is trying increasingly aggressively to find ways to get around giving even US citizens fair trials. "Enemy combatant" is a status offence - it is not even something you have to have done. "We have absolutely moved over into a preventive detention model - you look like you could do something bad, you might do something bad, so we're going to hold you," says a spokeswoman of the CCR)

10. Suspend the rule of law

(The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 gave the president new powers over the national guard. This means that in a national emergency - which the president now has enhanced powers to declare - he can send Michigan's militia to enforce a state of emergency that he has declared in Oregon, over the objections of the state's governor and its citizens.

Even as Americans were focused on Britney Spears's meltdown and the question of who fathered Anna Nicole's baby, the New York Times editorialised about this shift: "A disturbing recent phenomenon in Washington is that laws that strike to the heart of American democracy have been passed in the dead of night ... Beyond actual insurrection, the president may now use military troops as a domestic police force in response to a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, terrorist attack or any 'other condition'."

If there is another faked terrorist attack in America - and there surely will be unfortunately... then this will go straight ahead.)

I'll leave this post with a quote from James Madison:

"The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands ... is the definition of tyranny"

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Monday, April 23, 2007

What's in a name?

Forgot to add... I work beside a guy, who's mother is a social worker, and a 'well known'.. ie psychopathic family (akin to these lovely people) were stoned out their face at the weekend... and so they went to the 'Birth/Death/Marriage' department, to register their new daughters birth and name:

They named her " Pooh Bear Star Aitken "........... seriously,


Cho Seung Hui and Intelligence Agencies?

Like everyone this past week, I've been trying to gain an understanding of what possessed Seung Hui Cho to commit such a bloody rampage?

I mean.... folks do go postal from time to time, that's a sad given... But this tragic episode has an aura of something really 'off'', ambiguous and sublime about it all.

That usually indicates, for those who have learned the signs, as the hallmark of US Intelligence Agencies. All those grey areas usually lead to 'them', certainly in past Lone-Gunmen episodes (I'm not even going to link to Tim McVeigh or Lee Harvey Oswald as their sooo obvious).

But please don't shake your head and think "no way dude...", if you think about this rationally, and ask... who benefits?

Well one Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales has certainly benefited from the diverted media attention. His trial has been delayed. And Bush's impeachment hullabuloo that was supposed to be the major point of the California Democratic Convention in San Diego, well that's been postponed too....

Not too much for grabbing onto there though really.. so lets move on.

Cho's body was found with his face beyond recognition:

Here's where it gets interesting. Several accounts say his face was disfigured by his suicide. This makes no sense. If you kill yourself with a .22 Caliber Walther or a 9mm Glock (which are the weapons we're being told he used) there's hardly anyway you could disfigured yourself beyond the point of identification.

Later we were told by an eyewitness that Cho had actually killed himself with a bullet to the back of the head Chen said: "He opened fire to the back of his head and blew up the front part of his head, which made it difficult to identify him."

So Cho shot himself square in the back of the head??!

We are also told that the guns used by Cho had their serial numbers "obliterated", yet we're also told he had a receipt for the glock in his backpack? Why take the time and energy to remove the serial numbers from the guns when you have the receipt on you while performing the crime? Further, why remove the serial numbers if you were going to kill yourself?

Another highly suspicious aspect of this event is the efficiency with which Cho went about his job of gunning down the students and staff. Thirty-two kills and fifteen wounded in approximately a half hour. That's shooting one person (multiple times) every thirty seconds, approximately. Any police officer or firearms expert will tell you that it's very difficult to get a kill count that high without serious training. This isn't the kind of skill you get from video games.

Dr Joseph Cacioppo an emergency room doctor at Montgomery, indicated he was stunned when victims began pouring in. "The injuries were just amazing. This man was brutal. There wasn't a shooting victim that didn't have less than three bullet wounds in him," Cacioppo said of the victims he saw.

I've seen enough movies to know that "two in the trunk, one in the head" is the standard for professional, trained assassins. Apparently this is exactly what this guy was aiming for, and by the kill count he did exceptionally well.

It's been mentioned that the Massacre is very reminiscent of 9/11. They both were what you would call 'Marker Events'...
And what about those 'Muslim' words written on his arm?? (Umm where does that lead to I wonder...?) Jeez...

If you haven't guessed by now what I'm getting round to is the subject of Mind Control.

(I just finished reading the article below in full, and I highly recommend anyone interested to do the same)

" Of course, the first thing that I (and others) thought of when I heard of the VA. Tech shootings was "Greenbaum." For those of you not familiar with this Project Paperclip-generated mind control program (or even Project Paperclip), you might want to get up to speed pretty quick.

After all, "they" are trying to convince you that a "Cho" could be anyone, anywhere. That's not true, but the truth is pretty scary: there are a lot of mind-controlled people walking the streets, working in average jobs, living next door to anybody, and you really do need to have the knowledge of what you are dealing with in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. And believe, me, it ain't what the MSM is telling you.

Take Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, for example. According to his brother, David Kaczynski, Ted was unwittingly part of the MK-ULTRA-CIA mind control program for three years at Harvard, and then at the University of Michigan and probably U.C. Stanford. In recalling some of the details of his brother's involvement in the covert behavior modification program, David Kaczynski says of his older brother, "In a sense, he wasn't paranoid; he was in a sense conspired against."

This whole incident, of course, takes us back to Oklahoma City... "

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Al-Sarafiya Suicide Bombing? I thought it was a helicopter

Above: A Suicide Bomber about to blow something up.

Above: A US Apache Helicopter about to blow something up.

Al-Sarafiya Bridge, destroyed by Suicide Bomber Insurgents, as they cleverly disguised themelves as US Army Apache Helicopters.

Suicide Bomb Collapses Baghdad Bridge, says the Guardian Website.... 10 Killed in Baghdad Suicide Bombing, says ABC News website...... etc etc.

Suicide bombers? As Joe Quinn perceptively notes, suicide bombers are a cover story for US (and British and Israeli) military Ops in Iraq.

Just like the bombing of Al-Askari shrine, Al-sarafiya bridge witnessed strange events hours before the bombing.

Iraqirabita quoting an eyewitness lives in Al-Atafiya – western side of the river says she woke up 07:10 this morning because of the unusual sounds of Americans helicopters above the river Tigris.

" I thought that this a beginning of an raid in our neighborhood, to be sure I went upstairs to see where are these helicopters are heading to.

I saw with my own eyes a helicopter firing two missiles, I heard an explosion, then I saw the bridge collapsed. "

Another report says….. It is interesting to note this morning Iraqi police blocked the traffic on the bridge for more than two hours, shortly before the explosion they allowed civilians cars to cross the river, which confirms that there is an orchestrated destruction of Al-Sarafiya bridge and resumption of movement by the time of the bombing was to cover up the actions of the "bombers"

If you think that this is a joke then here is the Chairman of Iraqi parliament "Al-Mashadani" also questions this act revealing that this planed a month ago to separate Baghdad’s both sides, making it easy to control.

And that has been the plan all along but, hasn't it? To Divide Iraq into smaller sections easier for the nazi stormtroopers to occupy, kill, maim, and destroy... because that's what will ultimately happen. Divide and conquer... that old chestnut.
More on this topic tomorrow...

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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Mark of Cain and the loss of free speech

When I was a young' un I thought about joining the Army, seriously. Those adverts that showed all these happy, fit teenagers touring the world, learning skills and getting paid for it had a strong impact on a niave 14 year old.
Of course you get older, settle for a 9to5 office job and 20 years later you observe the cycle continuing. God I sound like Hoary old Gandalf!!
I work beside a lovely girl whose husband came back from Iraq last year, and with his seven year tour in the army completed, is now working as a sales man. The stories she tells me about his adventures with the army are terrible and heart rendering. One of his friends died of heart attack during training, when a typical brutish seargent pushed him over the edge. Another blew his head off in Ireland, several more were shot and blown up in Iraq.
She says he only speaks about it occasionally, but he's not the same guy who left her years ago.
I guess he's one of the lucky one's really, I mean it could have been worse for him. The news is full of stories of soldiers observing, and taking part in extremely violent occurences, well sometimes, there is that whole 'news management' thing that the Blair government goes to extremes to uphold.
Which brings me to the now postponed Channel 4 documentary "The Mark Of Cain". Channel 4 it appears got cold feet about showing the documentary about British soldiers abusing inmates at Basra in Iraq (Inmates? That means they've been convicted of a crime..... Sorry about that, i'm being ponerised again).

Channel 4 has decided to postpone controversial drama The Mark of Cain about British soldiers in Iraq while negotiations to release the 15 service personnel captured by the Iranians are ongoing, it has announced.

Senior military figures and families of some of the captives expressed concern about the timing of the drama, which was due to be broadcast tomorrow night. The Mark of Cain shows British troops abusing Iraqi detainees.

Of course the 'timing' reference applies to the now freed 15 hostages that were held by Iran. Well, from the media's point of view, it wouldn't look good to the viewers seeing Our Boys beating the shit out of innocent Iraq's in Basra..... much better to think about our other brave troops propagandising their dramatised trauma at the hands of the 'nasty' Iranians.

Channel 4's commissioning editor for drama Liza Marshall has been in hourly discussions with the Foreign Office over whether to go ahead with the two-hour broadcast.

She said: "We recognise that relatives of those held captive in Iran are concerned that the broadcast of the film at this point might jeopardise negotiations for their release.

I'll leave this post with a mention of Robert Fisk, I like this guy a lot. There's only a handful of Alt-Media reporters & writers whom I have learned to trust, among these few are Sign-Of-The-Times, and Laura Knight-Jadczyk's writings.
I just read Robert's new article entitled, 'The true story of free speech in America' (well worth reading in full). The article describes the appalling situation of one individual who has suffered at the hands of the Israeli Lobby and their US sychophants:
Sami Al-Arian is 49 but he stayed on hunger strike for 60 days to protest the government outrage comitted against him, a burlesque of justice which has, of course, largely failed to rouse the sleeping dogs of American journalism in New York, Washington and Los Angeles.
All praise then to the journalist John Sugg from Tampa Florida who has been cataloguiing al-Arian's little Golgotha for months, along with Alexander Cockburn of CounterPunch.
Sami al-Arian, a Kuwaiti-born Palestinian, was a respected computer professor at the University of South Florida who tried, however vainly, to communicate the real tradgedy of Palestinian Arabs to the US Government.
But, according to Sugg, Israel's lobbyists were enraged by his lessons - al-Arian's family was driven from Palestine in 1948 and in 2003, at the instigation of Attorney General John Ashcroft, he was arrested and charged with conspiring "to murder and maim" outside the United States and with raising money for Islamic Jihad in 'Palestine'. He was held for two and a half yeats in solitary confinement, hobbling half a mile with his hands and feet shackled, merely to talk to his lawyers.
Al-Arians's $50m Tampa trial lasted six months; the government called 80 witnesses (21 from Israel) and used 400 intercepted phone calls along with evidence of a conversation that a co-defendant had with al-Arian in...... WAIT FOR IT.... " A DREAM "....
Jezzus hail mary hells bells. The US court now accept dreams as testimony in the fight against terorrism.
I don't have anything to add at this stage except, god help us all.....

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Free at last, now on with the propaganda

Free at last!!!

I'm sooo glad this ended the way it did, so far.........

I think we're all in agreement this entire publicity stunt was simply a propaganda exercise, used by the TRUE axis of entropic evil (I love that term :-) to further their self-interested aims.

But no sooner than the good news had filtered through, oh about 3.00pm this afternoon.... ABC NEWS has jaw-dropping evidence that Iran is only 2 years away from producing a Nuclear Weapon.

You really have to see the blatant, shoddy propaganda at work in this video. I mean FFS Nazi propagandists would have made a better job at this....

Every single sensationalist word in this video merely hints, directs and focuses on the basis of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Who are these so-called, Intelligence spokespeople, and Experts who are named faceless, and mentioned with such certitude that it's as God himself has declared Iran the enemy...? (and maybe he has if you're a mind-controlled fundie....)

I'm guessing however the 'specialists' who broke this story are the same folks who brought us the Yellow-Cake Iraq story.

Don't believe a word that Iran will be able to produce Nukes within 2 years.... It's simply more of the blatant propaganda that was used to invade Iraq (remember.....?).

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rats and Sinking Ships

The Sun newspaper has been Blair's biggest supporter over the past few years. It's owned by Rupert Murdoch, yeah... that pillar of moral goodness......

However, in recent months it has started to distance itself from Blair, Bush and the NeoConNazi approach to life.

Even the usually backboned-less columnist Bill Leckie asked today, "Who's pulling (Blair's) Strings?"

Tony Blair's feeble foreign policy died of shame long ago. But for him to stand back and let Iran trample on its grave by using 15 british sailors as political pawns only shows him for the fake statesman he truly is.

What began as a publicity stunt by pint-sized tyrant Mahmoud Dinnerjacket has escalated into a full-blown crisis

OK, so he couldn't resist calling President Ahmadinejad a Tyrant (what does that make Blair and Bush?!!?!)

Why? Because Blair has LET it. And why would he do that? Call me a cynic, but because his puppet masters in Washington has been waiting for the chance of a square go with the Iranians. Meanwhile those 15 sailors will be helpless dupes no matter the outcome.

Oh My God... Can it really be... A moment of TRUTH actually spoke by a Sun newspaper columnist. I'm shocked :-)

If they're released, the PM will be there with his trademark grin to meet them and hail their heroism.

If, God forbid they're not? He'll put on his serious face and promise reprisals. Full details of which will be revealed as soon as Dubya lets him know what they are.

Well ain't that the truth. Never in my life have I agreed with this man's writings. I do read him as I guess I'm addicted to getting annoyed with him. I love to loathe at times, un-healthily enough!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Power Of Language

II was watching the BBC Ten O'clock news last night and something within me clicked, I mean seriously…. something registered like a slap in the face that previously I was only subconsciously aware of:

Just how completely apathetic and indifferent the news reacts to the deaths of innocent people in Iraq and the Middle-East.

“13 people have died in clashes in Iraq…………. and in other stories Scotland were defeated by Italy in the European Championship……”

Since when did this happen? Has it always been this way?? Is this deliberate???

These were questions I found running through my brain, at least up to the next mind-numbing programme came on at 10.30 to entertain and entrain me.

I mean, I understand the power of language, when used for positive or negative purposes (and yeah I know this can be subjective depending on your point of view), but this level of unconcerned, lethargic news-reporting, borders on the pure Orwellian.

And that I feel is the point of their exercise, if the barrage of constant tragic stories from Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan are reported in this dire language, then the viewer will soon not care a damn either. And if all of us don’t give a damn, then morally guided, decent law-abiding people like Bush and Blair can do as they please, and bring us even to closer to WW3 with their endeavours.

Perception Management you see!!

“Perception Management” is another term used to describe the process of
transforming public opinion to conform to a premeditated political agenda”

Perception management establishes underlying trends and tendencies that drive the public perception of events in the direction of war. During war, perception management manipulates public opinion to accept the horrific nature of war crimes as merely nothing more than collateral damage, friendly fire and accidental mishaps that are inevitable consequences of the fog of war”

Psychological warfare training in George Bush’s America has reached historic proportions.

The above quote comes from an article that sums up problem very very well, and it is a dilemma that we all share….. Please read this article in full to understnad just how Language is mis-used by the PTB.

Confucius wrote :
“The correct use of language leads to the correct behaviour of people”

Would any of us agree that Blair, Bush or the Media are utilising the correct use of language when the demonise all Muslims as the Enemy, or entrain us to think of them indifferently or sub-human?

Confucius also wrote :
“The correct use of language must begin at the very top of government”

Well enough said there…………….

For Orwell, the Machiavellian political abuse of language had distorted society into an increasingly malevolent form of tyranny. He wrote “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful, and murder respectable”

In Orwell’s future, Newspeak and Doublethink would eradicate the possibility of protest, sedition, insurgency and rebellion against the state.

In the first years of the twenty-first century, Doublethink became the hallmark of the Bush era.

The core doctrine of the Bush Era is pre-emptive war.

When Bush argues for the right to wage war, to prevent war…. He invokes Orwellian Doublethink by holding two contradictory beliefs simultaneously while believing both of them: That war is undesirable, while a war to prevent war IS desirable.

Who would ever have though we were living in Orwellian times, Jeezus H Christ………………………..

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Global Conflicts Palestine - Education or Propaganda?

Checkpoints, Suicide-Bombers, Curfews....
This is a new computer game called "Global Conflicts: Palestine", scheduled to be released this month or April by Serious Games Initiative.
The idea is, you are a young journalist working in Palestine/Jerusalem, navigating between chosen Israeli and Palestinian sources to get stories.
The player has the option of being pro-Palestinian, Pro-Israeli, or being Neutral. In actual fact, players gain more points by actually being Neutral when reporting their virtual stories.
And this is my beef with this little project....... Neutral??
It's very difficult from reading mainstream news sources to get to the bottom of the middle-east / Israeli / Palestinian situation. After all, some people don't understand that Israel has actually illegally occupied territories in the area, leading to death, destruction and major daily stress for all the peoples in the area.
So when a young gamer decides to visit this Virtual-Jerusalem, he is led to believe that being Neutral is the answer?
'Apathy and Indifference' is surely the mindset that will entail from this adventure, no?
The developers believe the game will reach out to young people in ways other formats don't, and help them to comprehend what life is actually like for all involved within the Occupied Territories.
They say young'uns aren't interested in politics, or watching the news, so games like this, and others... will help them to understand what is going on in the midde-east.
The company releasing this project is Washington and Copenhaged based, Serious Games Initiative (SGI). Their CEO Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, has psychology experience, and has previously worked on "Game projects for major companies like Nike and Coca-Cola with a global outreach".
Yeah well we all know how friendly Nike and Coca-Cola are....
"The genre is about taking the resources of the games industry and applying them outside of entertainment" says Ben Sawyer, co-founder of Digitalmill Inc., and one of the organizers of the Serious Games Summit. This means creating games that play roles in areas such as education, health, public policy, science, government and corporate training, he says.
Ok so I'm a cynical person, but I can't help the overbearing feeling this is simply propaganda for a new age. Children, teachers and gamers beware.....

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Noo Year

Just a wee post to say I'm back after a hectic few months of decorating, getting my stuff in order (in every way possible... still some to go!), and upgrading my old PC!

Hope everyone had a good one :-)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Just Another Dead Person

The Washington Post has this as it's Tenet:

"This newspaper is pledged to minimize the number of errors we make and to correct those that occur... Accuracy is our goal; candor is our defense," the American Society of Newspaper Editors clarifies these ethical requirements: corrections need only be printed when the error of commission or omission is "significant."

Itemad Ismail Abu Mo'ammar's death went relatively un-noticed in the American and British media. When it was mentioned, some papers missed her name, some gave her age wrong, and the Washington Post noted she was killed by an Israeli Tank.


She was murdered by Israeli soldiers. This is what the 35 year old mother did to deserve Isreali justice:

Neighbors report that Israeli soldiers had been beating her husband because he wasn't answering their questions. Foolishly or valiantly, how is one to say, the 35-year-old woman had interfered. She tried to explain that her husband was deaf, screamed at the soldiers that her husband couldn't hear them and attempted to stop them from hitting him. So they shot her. Several times.....

She didn't die, though. That took longer. It required her life to flow out of her in the form of blood for several hours, as Israeli soldiers refused to allow an ambulance to transport her to help. Her husband and children could do nothing to save her.

Finally, after approximately five hours, an ambulance was allowed to take her to a hospital, where physicians were able to render one service: pronounce her dead, a few days before the commencement of Ramadan, a season of family gatherings much like the Christmas season for Americans. She left 11 children. None of this was in the Washington Post story, which had reported her death in one half of one sentence.

Her husband's brother, who lived in the same house, was also killed. He was a 28-year-old farmer.

Alison Weir of Counterpunch wrote to the editors of the Washington Post to correct them in their written errors:

I phoned the Post and spoke to a foreign editor about the need to run a correction, providing information on Itemad's murder. The editor said that she would pass this on to their correspondent (who is based in Israel), but explained that it was "impossible for him to go to Gaza." When I disagreed, she
amended the "impossible" to "very difficult." She neglected to mention that the Post has access to stringers in Gaza available to check out any incident the editors deem important.

Next, I wrote a letter to the paper containing the above information. Happily, the Post letters department apparently checked it out and decided it was a good letter. They sent an email informing me that they were considering my letter for publication and needed to confirm that I was the one who had written it, and that I had not sent the information elsewhere.

It is now almost two weeks after their report, and I have just been informed that the paper has decided not to print my letter. The Post has apparently determined that there is no need to run a correction.

As Alison duly noted, I guess the death of this young woman is just not Significant enough.....

To understand the mind-set that views people as merely sub-human vermin, please read Douglas Reed's Controversy Of Zion, and the knowledge base that is - 'Sign Of The Times'.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The End Of The World - And The Governments Know It

"" The source also revealed that US generals had repeatedly war-gamed a prospective conflict with Iran, but consistently found that the simulations predicted "an absolute nuclear disaster", from which no clear winner would emerge. The scenarios gamed were so dismal, he said, that the generals briefed administration officials to avoid such a war at all costs. However, the source said that the Bush administration is ignoring the fears of the US military. ""
Ever wondered what the War On Terror was really about (Clue.. it aint bout bringing democracy to far flung lands)? Ever pondered why the media spinmasters, BBC Pundits, CNN bottlenecks and every Western politician plays along with 'Why we must stay the course in the middle-east'?
I have, and I've consistently noted throughout this blog that the Powers-That-Be know much more than they let on.
Major Ralph Peters is a man in the know. He wrote it ALL down in black in white for the Armed Forces Journal, start of this month:

" There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest
of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. Violent conflict will dominate the headlines, but cultural and economic struggles will be steadier and ultimately more decisive. The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing. "

Observers of Iraq will note that in all likelihood, western intelligence agencies have been busy beavers, setting up the country (and ultimately the entire region) for a full scale civil war. To this end, the Major is correct, a fair amount of killing will be naturally present and there will be no peace. The real Axis Of Evil will see to this (US, UK & Isreal).
Ethnic Cleansing:

Maj. Peters, formerly assigned to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence where he was responsible for future warfare, candidly outlines how the map of the Middle East should be fundamentally re-drawn, in a new imperial
endeavor designed to correct past errors. "Without such major boundary revisions, we shall never see a more peaceful Middle East," he observes, but then adds wryly: "Oh, and one other dirty little secret from 5,000 years of history: Ethnic cleansing works."

Lets make no bones about this, these pathocratic - psychopaths in power are not like you and I (ie imperfect and learning) - These guys actually believe they know best through sheer hubris; are untouchable, cold, calculating and will take all of us to the edge of the end of the world.
Why? - What has this to do with the War On Terror:
According to an American source with high-level access to the US military, political and intelligence establishment, Western policymakers are in no doubt that the world faces the imminent convergence of multiple global crises. These crises threaten not only to undermine the basis of Western power in its current military and geopolitical configurations, but also to destabilize the entire foundations of industrial civilization.
The source said that the latest petroleum data indicates that "global oil production most likely peaked two years ago." This is
consistent with the findings of respected geologists such as leading oil depletion expert Dr. Colin Campbell, who in the late 90s predicted that world oil production would peak in the early 21st century.
"We have come to the end of the first half of the Oil Age," said
Dr. Campbell, who has a doctorate in geology from the University of Oxford and more than 40 years of experience in the oil industry. Similarly, Kenneth Deffeyes, a geologist and professor emeritus at Princeton University, estimates the occurrence of the peak near the end of last year.
The source also said that leading US financial
analysts privately believe that "a collapse of the global banking system is imminent by 2008."
Ahhhh... so that's why we're invading the middle-east. So know you know... your initial suspicians are confirmed. The PTB KNOW the shit is about to hit the fan, and they're covering as many bases as possible.
" The source also commented on the danger posed by rapid climate change. Although most conventional estimates suggest that global climate catastrophe is not due before another 30 odd years, he argued that the multiplication of several "tipping-points" suggested that a series of devastating climatic events could be "triggered within the next 10 to 15 years." Once again, this is consistent with the findings of other experts, most recently a joint task-force report by the Institute for Public Policy Research in the UK, the Center for American Progress in the US, and the Australia Institute, which said in January last year that if the average world temperature rises "two degrees
centigrade above the average world temperature prevailing in 1750 before the industrial revolution", it would trigger an irreversible chain of climatic disasters. In its report, the task force says:
The possibilities include reaching climatic tipping points
leading, for example, to the loss of the West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets (which, between them, could raise sea level more than 10 meters over the space of a few centuries), the shutdown of the thermohaline ocean circulation (and, with it, the Gulf Stream), and the transformation of the planet's forests and soils from a net sink of carbon to a net source of carbon. "
I've nothing to add at this point. If you can't see by now the PTB are lying to you, then IMHO you are lost my friend.
What to do? :
First things first I suppose... learn all you can about why this is happening (who is leading who). There is much evidence that notes ISRAEL is leading the US in it's downward spiral.
( Note: I'm talking about Psychopaths who have led your average Jewish individual to this destructive world-view and attitude, thus allowing said psychopaths to do as they please, as per an age old political doctrine dating back into antiquity - and NOT Jews in general.... )
Google for " controversy of zion pdf " - You will never view the world the same way again...
More on this in the next post.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I Love My Flat Daddy

America.. America... The saviour of the Free World, and brave innovators of brand new ideas.. like Democracy for all (enslavement for all), Taking the fight to Islamic Extremists (taking over sovereign middle-east nations), and..... inventors of the CUT OUT FLAT DADDY.

'Flat Daddy' cutouts ease longing

Globe Staff August 30, 2006

Maine National Guard members in Iraq and Afghanistan are never far from the thoughts of their loved ones. But now, thanks to a popular family-support program, they're even closer.

Welcome to the "Flat Daddy" and "Flat Mommy" phenomenon, in which life-size cutouts of deployed service members are given by the Maine National Guard to spouses, children, and relatives back home.

The Flat Daddies ride in cars, sit at the dinner table, visit the
dentist, and even are brought to confession, according to their significant others on the home front.

"I prop him up in a chair, or sometimes put him on the couch and cover him up with a blanket," said Kay Judkins of Caribou, whose husband, Jim, is a minesweeper mechanic in Afghanistan. "The cat will curl up on the blanket, and
it looks kind of weird. I've tricked several people by that. They think he's home again."

At the request of relatives, about 200 Flat Daddy and Flat Mommy photos have been enlarged and printed at the state National Guard headquarters in Augusta.

The families cut out the photos, which show the Guard members from the waist up, and glue them to a $2 piece of foam board. Judkins said the cutout has been a comfort since her husband was deployed in January.

"He goes everywhere with me. Every day he comes to work with me," said Judkins, who works in a dentist's office. "I just bought a new table from the Amish community, and he sits at the head of the table. Yes, he does."

Cindy Branscom of Hallowell, whose husband, Colonel John Branscom, is in Afghanistan, said spouses of service members in the 240th Engineer Group often bring their Flat Daddies to monthly support meetings and group barbecues.

She said one spouse, Mary Holbrook of Hermon, has been seen in the company of her cutout husband, Lieutenant Colonel Randall Holbrook. "Mary has taken Randy to different events," Branscom said. But then again, that's almost expected. "I
think it's wonderful," Branscom said.

"My Flat Daddy sits in my dining room all the time. He even went to Easter dinner with us at my family's house."

What the hell???

I don't swear online. It's rude, takes little brain energy and can offend others. But on this occasion I'm almost knocked over ... swearing seems almost appropriate.

One of my favourite writers Joe Quinn has summed up this bizarre phenomenon rather well:

Apart from the fact that there is precious little comment from the US mainstream media on the thousands of Lebanese children who will have to make do with just the memory of their daddies and mommies for the rest of their lives after US-made bombs dropped by Israel blew them to pieces, one has to wonder about the quality of parenting in US military families when a mere cardboard cut-out of a father or mother can provide "comfort" and "support" in the absence of the real thing.

On the other hand, if the military mom or dad happens to never return home alive from their job of dispensing 'freedom' to the Arab world, and due to the nature of their death cannot be displayed in an open casket, the flat daddies and mommies would again come in handy.

Very true. Perhaps I can add to this and suggest the pathocratic US and Israeli governments should send each Iraqi, Lebanese and Afghan family who has lost a member through the 'War On Terror', one of these fabulous Cut-Outs to replace said family member?

Thursday, August 31, 2006

George Bush: The Intelligent Book Reading President

Ok, so I'm a little late with blogging this one; in a desperate move by Rove to prop up his man Bush's failing 'stoopid' image, it has now been decided to portray Bush as an articulate, intelligent ardent book reader.

So far, according to the Whitehouse, Bush has read 50 to 60 books ... this summer alone. Impressive eh?

This is a president who if you remember, refuses to even read internal memos, or daily newspapers. Instead, he commands his aides to verbally summarise daily briefings and news stories for him.

I think i've read about 15 books in the past year and a half. Admittedly I have to work, eat, maintain a home, and read when I can (which consists mostly news-sites, forums, blogs etc).

But then again, I don't have the responsibility of running the largest empire in the world... Bush DOES... and he STILL has the time to read 50 to 60 books... this summer alone (this just bears repeating...)

The Whitehouse claims Bush recently read Albert Camus's existential book The Stranger, and then had a an engaging discussion about the origins of existentialism with the Whitehouse press-secretary Tony Snow.
LOL!! I'm wetting myself here trying to imagine Bush discussing existentialism with anyone. (Am I real, do I really exist?!!??!....... OH PLEASE.....:-)

For what it's worth (not a lot in my imho...), here's George's summer reading list, as stated by the Whitehouse:

Alexander II: The Last Great Tsar by Edvard Radzinsky

American Prometheus by Kai Bird and Martin Sherwin (a biography of Robert Oppenheimer, an inventor of the atomic bomb)

Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero by David Maraniss (about the late all-star Pittsburgh Pirates right fielder)

Lincoln: A Life of Purpose and Power by Richard Carwardine

Lincoln's Greatest Speech: The Second Inaugural by Ronald C. White Jr.

Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday

Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women by Geraldine Brooks

Polio: An American Story by David Oshinsky (discussing how polio affected the United States in the mid-20th century)

The Big Bam: The Life and Times of Babe Ruth by Leigh Montville

The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History by John M. Barry

Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky

The Stranger by Albert Camus

Hells Bells... Do the goons at the Whitehouse really believe anyone will take this nonsense seriously? Oh well.. it cheered me up at least for a moment.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Adnan Hajj - Zionist Gift

In trying to unravel why Reuters allowed one of their photographers to'touch- up' images from war-torn Lebanon, one would hopefully consider all possibilities.

Perhaps he was eager to sell his wares to his bosses, the images wereperhaps bland (?), so he chose to alter the effect by adding smoke to analready desolate landscape. Or he added extra flares to images of ajet-fighter?

Why oh Why??

Aren't the images of dead babies, grieving mothers, and desperate fathersalready convincing enough that this WAR HAS TO STOP? One then comes to the conclusion that perhaps Mr Adnan Hajj has justassisted the Zionist's in their attempts to further de-humanize arabs and muslims?

After all, if one questions the images observed so far from Lebanon, thenone may perhaps question ALL THE IMAGES........ And that dear friendsappears to be the cause and aim of this Reutersgate affair.

Just read the comments by a real kind hearted fellow named DEAN ROTBART, host of NEWSROOM CONFIDENTIAL.

"How do words no matter how true and rational compete with photos of wailingmothers carrying their dead babies?" asks Dean Rotbart, host and executiveproducer of the program. "It is next to impossible to try to go on cameraand explain any justification whatsoever for the compelling visual imagesthat are aired over and over again.

Yet if the world at large thinks with its heart instead of its head,terrorism will prevail."

And as Joe Quinn added in his excellent review of the current Reutersgatescandal...

" Indeed, the terrorists understand and harness the enormous power ofemotional news coverage to win support for their deadly goals. "

And I always presumed the Zionists own the media?? Weird.

If one searches the internet for "Adnan Hajj " , one will find a host ofsites declaring that ALL images from Lebanon are fake, or have been alteredto garner support for Israel's enemies. Most Jews don't even seem to realisethat their leaders ARE their enemies??? - Same with US and UK populations.Or it could be said the PEOPLE of those nations, are the enemies of theirpathocratic leaders.

This is SAD, TRAGIC, and downright EVIL...... Can't folk understand thatthere is no winners and losers in this middle-east conflict?

Jews, Arabs, US, UK , Europe... WE all lose if this evil pathocratic deedscontinue...

Check out this Flash Presentation to understand just how Israel has beenused and abused as a fortress for UK and US interests in the Middle-East.

God would weep i tell you...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Your Intelligence and The Media

We live in terrifying times......

Anyone with an ounce of sense can see where these constant conflicts are leading to, but it seems to me at least, that World-War been the plan all along.

Since 9/11/2001, the game has been taken to higher new levels. The utter simplicity of 'Good Vs Evil' and 'Us Vs Them' has sold rather well to a dumbed down population, through a compliant, phoney Media.

Take newspapers; in the UK there is a free newspaper that is placed in train stations, buses, office entrances etc, called 'The Metro'. Free is good right?! - I don't believe anything is free, or at least without a personal cost.....

The cost, in the case of accepting what The Metro has to say in it's news coverage, is your intelligence I believe....

The Metro's coverage of the current Middle-East crisis, to be blunt, is completely biased against the Lebanese, Palestinian, Iraqi and Iranian peoples .... (or Muslims, as we in the west are collectively taught to name them all...)

In one of this weeks "news stories" , I learned how '7 Lebanese were killed by violence' , but an Israeli woman was 'Butchered by a hezbollah rocket attack' -- The story never mentioned that the 7 people killed, were actually a family (Lebanese/Canadians), and that 4 young children were among the murdered.

Sitting nicely beside the story, were pictures of grieving Israeli women, just to assist that anti-muslim angle.....

Now anyone caught up in these terrible troubles are victims, Israeli and Arab alike. Anyone with a shred of conscience would feel pain for them ALL - So why does the media constantly spin that ONLY ISRAELI'S ARE VICTIMS??

I slowly realised the paper was taking this stance over time.. It didn't adopt it overnight, just slowly, slowly. The example I give above is just one of many I have noted over the past few months, but can be noted clearer now. Especially with Israel really letting loose with it's constant innapropriate attacks on neighbouring countries, and Palestinian's alike.

The Metro doesn't publish many of their 'news-stories' online as it happens; the website contains the usual celebrity tit-tat, quizes, recipies etc --- usual supermarket-checkout magazine fare.

But next time you pick up a 'free copy' , take a closer look and see for yourselves just how pro-Israel, and anti-arab the paper actually is....


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Signs Of The Times Forum - A Gem Of A Find

I've just found an absolute gem in cyberspace land. A true find as they say.

I don't subscribe to Forums all that much, to be honest. I do like to read, lurk and follow discussions, but i rarely involve myself in thoses discussions as they can be noisy, easily sabotaged, and change tangents before you can blink.

That was until I found the Signs Of The Times Forum.

It's not every day I find seriously thought-provoking discussions involving politics, esoteric thoughts, scientific breakthroughs, cointelpro and environmental issues, all under the one roof - AND moderated in a manner that allows forum members to actually SHARE knowledge in a useful manner. In short; i'm blown away!

Take this discussion for example regarding Gurdjieff's and Mouravieff's take on 'SELF REMEMBERING':

" Mouravieff has given to us the "Doctrine of the Present" which is the method by which one exerts the self, under conditions of shock, to do precisely that. It consists in shining the light of consciousness on any situation, while holding the emotions of the shock at a certain "level" so that the energy of the emotional center does not flood the intellectual center.

But again, this practice - which effectively begins to re-wire the neurological circuitry (as I explain in some clinical detail in my alchemy lectures) - must be assisted. Most people cannot stop, at the instant of a shock, and apply consciousness to a situation without some serious help from others to keep them focused.

I'll give you an example: I learned from my pediatrician a nifty trick for dealing with a crying child: ask a question. No matter what the child is crying about, a boo boo or hurt feelings, if you ask them a question, ask them to describe for you what happened, with repeated questions about the details, they will stop being "lost in the emotion" and will begin to think. And as they begin to think, the whole issue changes for them, the light of consciousness is brought to bear on the problem and you are then able to add input to the newly forming circuit that helps them to heal internally or, at least, to prevent the formation of a "crybaby circuit." It can turn the entire event into a mode of consciousness raising.

But when a person is adult, is acting on old, strong circuits of programming, and something from the environment triggers those old programs, it can be VERY difficult to get them to stop the emotion from flooding the intellect and to actually shine the light of consciousness on the matter with full objectivity.

Certainly, you can observe yourself as you become emotional about something, notice how you say and do things that are exactly against your conscious aims, or which lead you into situations where you just screw up again and again. Heck, some people aren't even aware that it is their programs that lead them into creating messes in their lives over and over again. They think that they are really thinking and that the thoughts they are thinking are accurate reflections of reality.

That's where the tuning of the instrument comes in.

Surely you have had the experience where some emotional upset has occurred between you and some other person. Maybe it creates a break in relations that is very hurtful. So, years go by in which you think about it again and again. And each time you think about it, as time passes, you find that the emotional content fades away until finally, one day, you see that you did a very dumb thing and the whole problem was your own ideas that something was a certain way, that you misunderstood, and then - after all that time - you finally see that it could have turned out so differently if you had just not been under that emotional cloud that twisted your thinking.

Now, imagine being shocked into such situations and having help from others to go through this process very, very fast, to be able to work through the emotional layers and get to the objective truth by having the light of consciousness - without emotion - directed on the event.

In short, THAT is the process of self-remembering: it can really only be done under conditions of shock for it to be useful to you, however. Though, for a time it is helpful to just observe yourself and take note of all the programs in you that you can identify... all the ways in which you react mechanically to things based on the emotional programs set in you by your familial and social programming, as well as based on certain tendencies of your physiological nature, and of course, varied experiences. "

That was written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk who thankfully interacts with the forum regularly.

And these writings really make you think....

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