Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Free at last, now on with the propaganda

Free at last!!!

I'm sooo glad this ended the way it did, so far.........

I think we're all in agreement this entire publicity stunt was simply a propaganda exercise, used by the TRUE axis of entropic evil (I love that term :-) to further their self-interested aims.

But no sooner than the good news had filtered through, oh about 3.00pm this afternoon.... ABC NEWS has jaw-dropping evidence that Iran is only 2 years away from producing a Nuclear Weapon.

You really have to see the blatant, shoddy propaganda at work in this video. I mean FFS Nazi propagandists would have made a better job at this....

Every single sensationalist word in this video merely hints, directs and focuses on the basis of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Who are these so-called, Intelligence spokespeople, and Experts who are named faceless, and mentioned with such certitude that it's as God himself has declared Iran the enemy...? (and maybe he has if you're a mind-controlled fundie....)

I'm guessing however the 'specialists' who broke this story are the same folks who brought us the Yellow-Cake Iraq story.

Don't believe a word that Iran will be able to produce Nukes within 2 years.... It's simply more of the blatant propaganda that was used to invade Iraq (remember.....?).

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