Monday, March 26, 2007

The Power Of Language

II was watching the BBC Ten O'clock news last night and something within me clicked, I mean seriously…. something registered like a slap in the face that previously I was only subconsciously aware of:

Just how completely apathetic and indifferent the news reacts to the deaths of innocent people in Iraq and the Middle-East.

“13 people have died in clashes in Iraq…………. and in other stories Scotland were defeated by Italy in the European Championship……”

Since when did this happen? Has it always been this way?? Is this deliberate???

These were questions I found running through my brain, at least up to the next mind-numbing programme came on at 10.30 to entertain and entrain me.

I mean, I understand the power of language, when used for positive or negative purposes (and yeah I know this can be subjective depending on your point of view), but this level of unconcerned, lethargic news-reporting, borders on the pure Orwellian.

And that I feel is the point of their exercise, if the barrage of constant tragic stories from Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan are reported in this dire language, then the viewer will soon not care a damn either. And if all of us don’t give a damn, then morally guided, decent law-abiding people like Bush and Blair can do as they please, and bring us even to closer to WW3 with their endeavours.

Perception Management you see!!

“Perception Management” is another term used to describe the process of
transforming public opinion to conform to a premeditated political agenda”

Perception management establishes underlying trends and tendencies that drive the public perception of events in the direction of war. During war, perception management manipulates public opinion to accept the horrific nature of war crimes as merely nothing more than collateral damage, friendly fire and accidental mishaps that are inevitable consequences of the fog of war”

Psychological warfare training in George Bush’s America has reached historic proportions.

The above quote comes from an article that sums up problem very very well, and it is a dilemma that we all share….. Please read this article in full to understnad just how Language is mis-used by the PTB.

Confucius wrote :
“The correct use of language leads to the correct behaviour of people”

Would any of us agree that Blair, Bush or the Media are utilising the correct use of language when the demonise all Muslims as the Enemy, or entrain us to think of them indifferently or sub-human?

Confucius also wrote :
“The correct use of language must begin at the very top of government”

Well enough said there…………….

For Orwell, the Machiavellian political abuse of language had distorted society into an increasingly malevolent form of tyranny. He wrote “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful, and murder respectable”

In Orwell’s future, Newspeak and Doublethink would eradicate the possibility of protest, sedition, insurgency and rebellion against the state.

In the first years of the twenty-first century, Doublethink became the hallmark of the Bush era.

The core doctrine of the Bush Era is pre-emptive war.

When Bush argues for the right to wage war, to prevent war…. He invokes Orwellian Doublethink by holding two contradictory beliefs simultaneously while believing both of them: That war is undesirable, while a war to prevent war IS desirable.

Who would ever have though we were living in Orwellian times, Jeezus H Christ………………………..


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