Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Adnan Hajj - Zionist Gift

In trying to unravel why Reuters allowed one of their photographers to'touch- up' images from war-torn Lebanon, one would hopefully consider all possibilities.

Perhaps he was eager to sell his wares to his bosses, the images wereperhaps bland (?), so he chose to alter the effect by adding smoke to analready desolate landscape. Or he added extra flares to images of ajet-fighter?

Why oh Why??

Aren't the images of dead babies, grieving mothers, and desperate fathersalready convincing enough that this WAR HAS TO STOP? One then comes to the conclusion that perhaps Mr Adnan Hajj has justassisted the Zionist's in their attempts to further de-humanize arabs and muslims?

After all, if one questions the images observed so far from Lebanon, thenone may perhaps question ALL THE IMAGES........ And that dear friendsappears to be the cause and aim of this Reutersgate affair.

Just read the comments by a real kind hearted fellow named DEAN ROTBART, host of NEWSROOM CONFIDENTIAL.

"How do words no matter how true and rational compete with photos of wailingmothers carrying their dead babies?" asks Dean Rotbart, host and executiveproducer of the program. "It is next to impossible to try to go on cameraand explain any justification whatsoever for the compelling visual imagesthat are aired over and over again.

Yet if the world at large thinks with its heart instead of its head,terrorism will prevail."

And as Joe Quinn added in his excellent review of the current Reutersgatescandal...

" Indeed, the terrorists understand and harness the enormous power ofemotional news coverage to win support for their deadly goals. "

And I always presumed the Zionists own the media?? Weird.

If one searches the internet for "Adnan Hajj " , one will find a host ofsites declaring that ALL images from Lebanon are fake, or have been alteredto garner support for Israel's enemies. Most Jews don't even seem to realisethat their leaders ARE their enemies??? - Same with US and UK populations.Or it could be said the PEOPLE of those nations, are the enemies of theirpathocratic leaders.

This is SAD, TRAGIC, and downright EVIL...... Can't folk understand thatthere is no winners and losers in this middle-east conflict?

Jews, Arabs, US, UK , Europe... WE all lose if this evil pathocratic deedscontinue...

Check out this Flash Presentation to understand just how Israel has beenused and abused as a fortress for UK and US interests in the Middle-East.

God would weep i tell you...


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