Sunday, May 28, 2006

WIll The Real Jeff Rense Please Stand Up?

I've mentioned on this blog before I have doubts that Mr Jeff Rense is a bonafide 'Freedom Fighter For The Truth'.

At this point I'm unsure if he really is an 'actual person'? (Think CIA-Front business)

I'm not casting aspersions unduly here, but as I noted earlier, if Mr Rense prides himself on presenting the Real Deal to the good peoples of the world, then why does he oh-so-carefully avoid certain news stories?

Jeff Rense recently was caught red-handed censoring Doug
article refuting Doug Thompson, editor of Capitol Hill Blue's article debunking 9/11 conspiracies.

I have read Herman's article, and it brought up good-solid-valid points refuting Doug's nonsensical pro-government (well it is...) ramblings....... so why would the great freedom-fighing Jeff Rense censor certain points??

(Read here to see all the gory details)

Wing TV's Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani have recently thrown the gauntlet to Jeff to prove once and for all, that he is.... who he claims to be.

During our recent research of Mr. Jeff Rense, we’ve noticed an odd fact that others in this field have also pointed-out. There is virtually zero information on the Internet about “Jeff Rense.”

This anomaly exists despite what Rense himself touts as a long-heralded career in the mainstream media prior to entering the alternative media (including assignments as an 'award-winning' news anchor and news director, print journalist, author, and talk radio show host).

But there’s virtually nothing on the Web to substantiate his past journalistic and broadcast career, which is peculiar being that he’s supposedly been in this business for over two decades. No independent articles, interviews, or profiles other than those originating from his own website; and not even any photos except for variations of the cartoonish one on his website. It’s like his entire tenure as a newsman has been whitewashed down the Orwellian Memory Hole. How can that be, especially when there is a plenitude of information on others like Alex Jones, Mike Ruppert, etc?

Now, Jeff could if he wanted to, provide ample evidence of his ''award-winning' news anchor and news director, print journalist, author". The matter of his hidden-background could be transparent once and for all. But I doubt he will, or can to be honest. Why do I say this? Because that would be letting the cat out the bag..... CIA fronts don't like to be known as such.

Wing TV asks Jeff to provide the following info:

1) Could you please provide the patriot community with a complete resume of your past career in the broadcasting / communications field, including places of employment, dates, addresses, plus contact names and numbers?

2) Could you please provide the patriot community with past photographs of yourself with others in your field that can be verified as to place and date (preferably from newspapers, magazines, company brochures, etc)?

We'll see....... Unlikely as hell though.

Disinfo and Cointelpro setups are everywhere unfortunately. The Above Top Secret web site has already proved that they are out-and-out Cointerpro Charlatans; what with their Project Serpo promoting diversionary nonsense, and their laughable pro-government agreement of the 9/11 Pentagate explanation - (They claim evidence exists a Boeing hit the Pentagon, when in fact there is none at all)

Seeker beware, as they say. It's a jungle out there and the snakes are just waiting to bite you with sly pro-government propaganda.


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