Monday, May 22, 2006

"If the worry of people is the presence of the multinational forces, it is the violence that keeps us here. It is the peace that allows us to go."

The BBC reports today that Iraq has witnessed another harrowing day of violence and blood-letting. At least 11 people have died in bomb attacks, and that's probably just for starters.

Now I often wonder if Western news-readers, who periodically glance at the latest stories, rather than analyse with a deeper degree of semblance, ... actually understand why there is still continuing violence in Iraq today?

I'm no expert in Iraqi politics, but I have learned a thing or two about liars, greedy men, psychopaths in suits, and ....cause-and-effect scenarios.


America, and it's fascist like allies, desperately want what the middle-east holds lots of (can you guess what it is yet?). They need excuses to invade (Weapons of mass destruction, evil dictators), AND they need excuses to STAY THERE.

Hitler once remarked "If the Jews didn't exist, we would have to invent them".

The same reasoning can be said of the Iraqi continuing bloodshed mayhem and destruction. The ultimate fact is ..USA and allies REQUIRE the violence there, to enable their continued presence - No violence, no need for troops on the ground.


In addition to the sick-to-the-teeth young Iraqi men who may join resistance groups out of oppression (and maybe disgusted at losing their families to bombs, guns, depleted uranium), there is evidence that AMERICA and Allies are BEHIND many of the current bombings,
Iraq (Afghanistan & Iran) are riddled with CIA and Mossad agents. And these groups are highly skilled in the art of False Flag Operations.

Resistance kills Mossad agents in Iraq

KIRKOUK, Iraq - A huge blast has caused extensive damage in a Mossad office building in Kirkouk in northern Iraq late on Monday killing and wounding an unspecified number of Mossad agents and civilian Kurds, the Middle East News Agency said yesterday.

US troops and rescue workers were rushed into the devastated building to remove the bodies and take the wounded to a hospital in Mousel, MENA said. The workers have arrived at the site during the night to remove the debris and evacuate the injured persons, the news agency added.

US troops prevented the people from getting closer to the building and imposed a news black out on the cause of the explosion, which occurred in the garage of the building, it said.

The troops wanted to hide the true activities of the office, which the Mossad rented a week ago, and the identities of its occupants, MENA said.

Tony Blair got it right on the money when he said it's the violence that keeps us there.... and he and George Bush will ensure it stays that way.


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