Thursday, March 16, 2006

The War Against Iraqi Families

Today I learned of another harrowing display of American brutality against the innocent people of Iraq. We've all heard and read about the innocents in the wrong place (middle-east) at the wrong time (21st Century), but this one must infuriate everyone with a conscience to the point of despair.

TIKRIT, Iraq (Reuters) - Eleven members of an Iraqi family were killed in a U.S. raid on Wednesday, police and witnesses said. The U.S. military said two women and a child died during the bid to seize an al Qaeda militant from a house.

Television pictures showed 11 bodies in the Tikrit morgue -- five
children, two men and four women. A freelance photographer later saw the bodies being buried in Ishaqi, the town 100 km (60 miles) north of Baghdad where the raid took place.

Note: Here independant witnesses actually saw the bodies.

The U.S. military said in a statement its troops had attacked a house in Ishaqi early on Wednesday to capture a "foreign fighter facilitator for the al Qaeda in Iraq network".

"Troops were engaged by enemy fire as they approached the building," U.S. spokesman Major Tim Keefe said. "Coalition Forces returned fire utilising both air and ground assets.

"There was one enemy killed. Two women and one child were also killed in the firefight. The building ... (was) destroyed." Keefe said the al Qaeda suspect had been captured and was being questioned.

Now note here the discrepancies stated by the US commander. Well they aren't just gonna admit to killing families in cold blood, are they? (they're not that far from it these days)...


Major Ali Ahmed of the Ishaqi police said U.S. forces had landed on the roof of the house in the early hours and shot the 11 occupants, including the five children.

"After they left the house they blew it up," he said.

Another policeman, Major Farouq Hussein, said all the bodies had gunshot wounds to the head.

Note: Yeah accidentally shot in the head, just like Charles de Menezes.

Pictures of the house targeted in the raid showed it had been reduced to rubble, while next to it lay the burnt-out wreckage of a truck. Iraqi police said the U.S. military had asked for a meeting with local tribal leaders.

Photographs of the funeral showed men weeping as five children were wrapped in blankets and then lined up in a row next to freshly dug graves.

Police in Salahaddin province, a heartland of the Sunni Arab insurgency and the home region of Saddam Hussein, have frequently criticised U.S. military tactics in the area.

In January a U.S. air strike on a house in Baiji, further north, killed several members of a family. In December U.S. fighter jets dropped two 500-pound bombs on a village, also in the region, killing 10 people. The U.S. military said the people targeted had been suspected of planting roadside bombs.

So there you have it folks, tax dollars really working to help import Democracy to the backwards country of Iraq... American Style. This shamefull display of unwarranted aggression from a brutal occupier can only really be expected.

It is a case of Us vs Them, and if you happen to be them, you can expect this kind of treatment. After all, who's gonna stand up against the New-Nazis themselves. It takes a group to stand up to this kind of pathological pathocratic arrogance and cold-blooded mutilation.

Please pass this Reuters story wide and far. Only our silence with allow these types of barbaric attrocities to continue.



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