Tuesday, May 10, 2005

God Bless Truth

Im Back! ... not with a vengence, but with a little more understanding of what the hell is going on in this truly strange world.

I have been unable to read any news for this past week due to a complete FUDDLE of the brain. I'm not kidding. Was it too much alcohol, or was it due to HAARP being increased again???

They do say the older you get, the less alcohol you can enjoy......... But that's only on a Saturday night, or else I would truly lose my mind trying to wade through the heavy depressing news these days.

So my odds are that Haarp IS indeed being raised up again. For one reason, too many people have described this same mental fuzz that simply blocks your recepters to analyse any info. And the timing of it is just too strange.....

Which makes one wonder... WHY NOW?

Are the powers that be planning some world event again. Is another 911 in the pipeline? Hell, I hope not. But, Iran is still a prime target of Israel, and it's drug addicted loony testeroned-UP pal America......

We'll see what happens, after all May the 11th is a rather esoteric date for a number of reasons.

So whats being happening in the news lately????

Labour won in the UK general elections. Well no real surprise there eh? But in truth it's pointless now to say "How could you vote for Tony (B)liar....."

In truth, all the political parties are exactly the same. Blair is no different to Michael Howard, their both of the same cororate army of world destroyers.

The company is still run by the same Board Of Directors, ie the WORLD BANKERS. All that has changed is the company has the same manager, but with slightly reduced control. (just slightly, because the power shifted to the Board of Directors other hand, the TORIES......)

God I feel depressed again.... Time to pick up my copy of the Da Vinci Code and weep.


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