Saturday, April 02, 2005

Terri Schiavo - A Lamb To The Slaughter

Very little of this atrocious story has reached the UK shores. Not a peep from any televised-news although the BBC's web site has covered some of the last developments.

Terri Schiavo has been publicly executed in a terrible display of power by Bush and Co.

Does anyone really believe those Judges would publicy disobey The Chosen One - Jehovah's representative on Earth?????

These are the same people who forced Bush through to power in 2000. They 'jump how high' whever requested to do by Bush and his NeoCon support. This public disagreement about the right to Terri's life between Bush and the Judges, is nothing more than a PUBLIC SHAM.

What will likely happen now, is that in future, Geroge Bush WILL be given those powers that the Judges now hold; Dubya will decide who now lives or dies.

Another ENABLING-ACT grab will take place, where Hitler-Bush will wield ever more power over the ordinary citizens life.

So, Terri was executed by Bush and Co; in this instance Bush was playing the GOOD COP, while that asshole Mike Schiavo kindly agreed to play the BAD COP. All the while, Terri's death means more to the NEOCONS than her survival does.

This is a marker event - A Human Sacrifice to the Gods - A statement to the people of America and the World that LIFE itself is not worth a damn anymore (just ask the citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, South America ......)

America - R.I.P. - Not long now..................


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