Monday, March 07, 2005

God Bless The Blogs

Oh well, it's been a while since I last posted. I've been akin to a rabbit in headlights recently, stopped dead in my tracks with fear of the unknown, and filled with inertia because of what I think I do know.

So 'thank you' to that individual in my life for helping me regain my clarity, for helping me to brush off those cobwebs and help me once again to hold my head into the oncoming winds.


Why are the powers within government and the mainstream media throwing such a wobbly fit at the writings of the world's bloggers? Could it just be that they know bloggers are daring to state the truth, and don't have to bow to political pressure. After all, Bloggers are not paid to write their findings or ponderings. So in a way, Bloggers are free to comment without fear of financial reprisal.

Well sort of. It seems the time is coming when Bloggers will be punished for having the audacity to speak out against what they see as crimes against humanity.
Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that the MSM's hands are tied. They are wholly owned by the powers that wish to make war with other nations. How can the MSM really promote the truth, when the truth is damaging to the interests of the Powers That BE?

As for me, I'm not a writer in the traditional sense (what do you mean 'I can tell'.....) I'm not very good at writing and probably never will be. That's not emotional thinking either BTW, it's an objective fact of reality. I'm a musician, and I express myself much better using that medium I think.

(Now there's a thought, a Musical Blog where I sing my thoughts aloud to Cyberspace and the Universe!!!)

So I don't just write this for myself, I write this on behalf of all those lost souls that were denied their voice, and even denied their opportunity for a life (Iraq.....? Afghanistan......? Africa......?).

It's a sobering thought, that there exists a chance for us all to express ourselves, and we do not take that opportunity to do so. What a waste that would be. Bloggers are doing their duty as human beings to express their thoughts, their ponderings, and their findings regarding these Upside-Down, Inside-Out Crazed Horrific Tragic Times.

As someone once wrote, "When all around you is Darkness, You be the light". I think this means more now than it ever did.

So regarding myself.....I'm not even a useful idiot, I'm a completely useless fool, trying his hardest to make himself useful......


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