Monday, February 07, 2005

Signs Of The Times

This last weekend was not much fun for my partner or myself. Now I know life is not a barrel of laughs from start to end, so I don't expect smooth sailing all the time, nor even for half of the time! So fair enough, I try to keep myeyes open to all possibilities that come my way, and I try to be aware that depression can return and can be deadly if you allow those circling thoughts to command your thinking via running emotions. Recently, my partner and I have been feeling down on an almost constant basis.

On Saturday night we had a small family gathering, as we had not all seen each other since Christmas week. All the family were there Ma, Pa and my two sisters (not quite the Waltons!). Now, one of my sisters and myself don't get on too well; in fact I'm pretty sure she totally hates my guts! I've never really known why tense situations should arise between us EVERY time we meet up together. Like every other person trying to make some sense of this tragic comedy of life, I am not Peter Perfect (well sometimes....! - NO, I am indeed not). I can find it difficult to express myself at times, and I'm self-centred at times to boot too. That's why this blog is a good way to get my thoughts out there and hammered.

In the past when growing up together, things between my sister and I were pretty much OK I thought. I remember we had the odd barmy over silly little things, like me playing my music too loud, or her taking too long in the bathroom (when Iwas still staying at home) and trying to get ready to go out on a date orwhatever. But in the last five odd years, every time we meet up there have been major fireworks going off. The root of this has never been clear to me until recently. I think I now have a greater insight.......

We both perceive totally different versions of reality around us.

I have a desire to talk about what is happening in the world, both historically and contemporary. My sister does not want to hear about this in any way whatsoever (and fair enough, she is not alone there and I try to accept that).

Hey I'm not always right, how could I be? I'm still learning, and I have a looooong way to go. So I mostly make observations about the world at large, and state facts when they are proven to be as such. Like, the current war in Iraq is being carried out for lies, as I discussed earlier in this blog.

Fine, Ok. Stop talking about this most dreadful of subjects to her.

I actually did. I realised last year that my Sis does not want to listen to my opinions about the world at large, so I stopped bringing this into any conversations we may have.

But on Saturday night I was talking to my father about this pointless Iraqi war and the almost definite coming Iran conflict (my father is interested in the dire situation in this world BTW), when I heard my sister shout across the room;" Tell him to shut the hell up - I'm sick of hearing him go on and on about all this "I protested and reminded her that I was not actually talking to her. Infact, I never even knew she was even listening into the conversation. At this point my father backed her up and told me to "Give it a rest". Ahh, familiar territory here again.

The fact is, not everyone wants to acknowledge what is happening to us all, and ponder what WILL happen to us all, and the planet in the coming few years, if we keep heading in this current deadly direction. It's plain physics.

I guess it's the Sign Of The Times.

Perhaps there is so much negativity in plain view these days that some folks just don't want to hear, or be reminded about any of it. They are still planning their marriages, and planning for their eternal futures, and just don't want to be reminded that all life hangs onto the lightest thread that could snap at any moment.

After all, are we all not immortal beings? We're going to live forever and forever, aren't we?

Why should anyone have to discard the illusion that all is OK, that we do indeed have all the bases covered? Bad things only happen to other people, so why should anybody have to really ponder mass world war, torture, lies, death and destruction on an enormous global scale.

Celebrity Big Brother - Channel 4 - 9.00 pm.

Yup, that is all the reality TV I need. LOL

The Signs of The Times are here indeed. So go back to sleep if you want, I'll be sure to wake you up in time for the Rapture.


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