Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fighting And Facing Depression In The Modern World

I’m a bit down and fed-up these days. I do try my best to feel upbeat about my life, and where the human race as a species is collectively headed, but things just don’t look too promising at all. Don’t get me wrong, I usually look on the bright side of things and try my best to see the good in any given situation, well most of the time. But how can I look at what is happening with America and the world these days, and feel positive in any way without kidding myself on.

After searching for any possible answers as to why we are so screwed up, I believe that I am actually quite correct to feel a bit down about what is currently transpiring. Iraq and Afghanistan were decimated, grinded to a pulp for absolutely no reason at all, except for the reasoning of continually changing lies (they harbour terrorists, they harbour nuclear weapons, err well…. they plan to build these weapons, they were behind 911 don’t you know, they are SATAN and all his works…..).

What the hell?

This actually I think, comes down to a simple fact of either believing in TRUTH or LIES. And the conclusion; if you wholly believe all that the media tells you, and if what you are told is later discovered to be lies, then you are a major part of that lie.

That my friends is simply undeniable.

Think of all those suckers that bought the above mentioned 911 / Iraq lies. They are now partly responsible for the hundreds of thousands of dead in the Middle-East. They have accumulated major Karma to be balanced at some point, and they don’t even know it.

In fact, if they are Christian believers who welcome the war in the Middle-East in order for the Rapture (™) to commence, then they have truly sold out to the powers of darkness. Food for the devil. Remember, ‘let no man be deceived’ in these end-times…….

God, the universe, the world, nature and man are all intertwined in a grand symbiosis. We are basically inseparable at some level or other. Who really believes that God wants any one of us human beings to kick the shit out of another human or creature, all because someone said God wants it, God commands it, all this in His Name.

Perhaps the old God of the Old Testament would want this, but he’s a psycopathic intolerant being, that mirrors the worst attitudes of negativity, elitism and racism. Religion can be used to control people, as we all should well know.

The real God of the universe, that we are all actually a part of, would view this willful destruction as choosing the wide path, choosing the darkness, and choosing LIES over the TRUTH, and thus shutting out the creation, covering up of our true-humanity, it’s qualities and the light it can possibly bring if we gave it a chance.

Jesus, and the God of the New Testament asks us to love and accept one other, also to understand that the world of man can indeed be a dangerous place, and that we need to be ‘as gentle as doves, and as wise as serpents’. In other words: to respect 'All' of gods creations, to navigate this world with the proper attitude in context, as responsible and intelligent human beings. Not to go around as zealous murderous automatons, who obey the words of psychopathic humans who simply proclaim they are working under God’s divine commands (usually for their own benefit).

How does this “responsibility” reconcile with killing innocent men, women and children in far away countries? People’s whose names we can’t even pronounce, never mind simply give a damn about.

It truly sucks and I’m truly pissed off with our collectively stupid, selfish, self-centred, always-right, never-wrong, petty attitudes.

But is this all really our fault completely? Well I believe yes, and no, to that question.

We have been taught to accept lies as truth for all of our lives, since childhood actually. We have been taught to survive in a psychopathic world, by learning to be BETTER psychopaths than those around us. It’s the Official Culture that we have been indoctrinated with that instructs us to compete, and to fight with each other to survive, even to be accepted as a ‘Success’ socially. Financial success usually comes at the expense of others, someone else ALWAYS pays for someone elses gain.

Think about it.

Businesses screw the daylights out of their customers, and the managers who come up with these clever schemes are promoted. Job well done.

Bush steals the resources of the Middle East, with the approval of the Democrats and the majority of the world’s sleeping populace, and he is congratulated for bringing democracy to those ‘dark’ places over yonder.

Job well done. Have a cigar.

Or is this LIES, topped with a generous helping of psychopathic behaviour? Again, it’s simply the official culture that we have been taught to adopt from the cradle to the grave. Sometimes we see a glimpse that all is not so well, but we are taught to do nothing, to take the easy and quiet way out, “don’t want to be an outsider, and don’t want to be seen to be rocking the boat, or God forbid, be seen to be different......”.

There are millions of excuses that people I know will use to justify the current lies that we are all told to believe. For example, “Oh well, no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after all, but at least we got rid of Saddam… He’s a bad man I'm told…..”.

Yeah, but at what human cost?

It’s not as if Saddam got into power in Iraq by accident or chance either. He was placed into Middle East Power Circles by the CIA in the late 50’s / early 60’s. It’s true man…! Check out Noam Chomsky for details. Who’s trying to convince whom here that we have a moral, Christian duty to kill, maim, and destroy other peoples and their different cultures? Because they are evil, and we are ‘oh, so good’ I suppose?

If we believe all these LIES, then we deserve exactly what we will get. Just look ahead to the coming years. Not too long from now, the world governments will gear towards a highly probable World War, this time it will be nuclear. The Middle East is literally a tinderbox, ready to ignite with the next heavy handed move initiated by those with vested interests in resource domination. Quite possibly this will be initiated between Iran and that innocent little nation, Israel (backed by the USA of course).

Yeah, innocent my ass.

Israel is leading the USA by a dog collar as it uses it’s religion, and it’s big hairy-arsed-thug-friend the USA, to justify killing more innocents in the name of GOD, and with the agreement of God’s chosen people. Israel is no different than what South Africa was in the 80’s: A White-Man’s land, thrust slap-bang into the middle of a traditional black man’s country. And this is the cause of the majority of the current world’s problems, and most of us can’t see this TRUTH due to emotional blackmail and LIES. Why would God want all of his people to constantly attack and kill each other, to make each other live in continual suffering under tragic circumstances? Would this not be something an UN-GODLY, evil principle would wish upon the world?

Please understand me here, I’m not having a go at the ordinary Jewish people who just want to live in peace and get on with their lives safely without too much hassle. They may have possibly moved to Palestine to avoid the anti-semitism (either real or promoted) that does raise it’s ugly bigoted head from time to time throughout the world. But, they are simply used as dupes like most everyone else is. How can almighty God choose a group of people, to be “His Favourites”, to the vast exclusion of 'All' others.

It’s simply crazy... Have you ever been manipulated by someone who used the ‘feel-good’ tactic upon you. Have you never been sold some crap by a slick-speaking salesman? Have you ever been told lies to make you feel special?

It’s psychopathic, and it’s lies believed by those who choose darkness over creativity, because they don’t know any different. What happened to loving one another, and ‘All men are created equal’. These two different outlooks cannot be reconciled with one another. One is a reasonable, responsible attitude to life, and the other leads to the murders of thousands of innocent people each and every year, and all because Men believe in the attraction of LIES, over the TRUTH (even if the truth is often hidden in plain sight).

But if we heard the truth, would we even recognise or believe it?

There are actually some very good sources of truthful information out there, mostly in cyberspace, as the media will not offer the whole truth to their readers / viewers, even if they actually wanted to promote the complete truth (to a degree their hands are tied through clever political ownership, and acquiescence by media conglomerates).

As I mentioned Noam Chomsky is a good source of truth, as is the work of the Quantum Future Group. I have been reading articles researched and published by this organisation (QFG) over the last year, and it brings hope that someone is making sincere efforts to promote TRUTH in these most dark and dangerous times.

Now, the truth is often harder to accept than lies, because no one likes to admit they are wrong. And when you get your head around the fact that "only the winners get to write history", and that lies put forward by governments to their duped subjects, is actually the common status quo of political life, then you really have to question ALL that you have been taught to be accepted as the TRUTH throughout your life. After all, the father learns the lies as a child from his parents and teachers, and unknowingly teaches these lies to his son, and so on and on....

An American writer, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, leads the Quantum Future Group, and their work speaks with dazzling humour, wisdom and truth. They have amassed thousands of pages of fascinating, insightful reading available for the grand price, of absolutely free. Their Cassiopaea website, and it’s affiliated pages presents a sheer radical re-assessment of our history, pre-recorded history and our ancient myths, revealing the man hiding behind the curtain, and the LIES that are all too easy to swallow. Impressive stuff indeed, and thought provoking to a level I never thought possible.

As Laura wrote regarding ‘The Solution’ to the sufferings of man in this world, ‘TRUTH – as close to it as we can objectively get – MUST be propagated and as soon as possible’.

This is the only thing I believe that will save our planet from total destruction and man’s dangerous future as it currently stands. Because it is in the creative centres of humanity, those with souls and those without, that the fate of the earth lies. No one is going to save us, except ourselves, by our own sincere efforts to see this world in the brutal no-holds light of the truth.


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