Monday, February 21, 2005

The Rise And Fall Of The 9/11 Truth Movement

Yes indeedy folks. What did happen to the 9/11 Truth Movement? It initially started out so well I thought. It gave the majority of folks who don’t believe the official line something to gather around and support. It gave those poor sods, me included, a glimmer of hope that for ONCE the truth would out.

Nope, so such luck. It has died from a horrible disease - " Diversionary-Truth-Itus " or D.T.I. for short....ahem..!

The 9/11 Truth Movement has been relegated to the similar myths and mistakes of the JFK enquiry. Yup, those S.O.B.’s in power have once again gotten away with dirty blue murder, and this time the 9/11 Truth Movement has actually assisted them in covering up the hideous truth.

Who would have thought Mike Ruppert and Daniel Hopsicker would have played into the very hands of those nefarious secretive government types, who wish to see the 911 Truth Movement die a most horrible death.

Mike Ruppert and Daniel Hopsicker allowed themselves to be deceived????

Or are they consciously aware that they are diverting attention away from those exposed glitches that proves 9/11 did not go down without SOMEONE in the US / ISRAELI government knowing about the events in advance….?

Interesting questions. Me? I'm undecided as yet. I read a very good article written by a bloke called Joe Quinn who asks these very same questions.

First up in Joe’s article, is
Mike Ruppert of “From The Wilderness” fame, who as some will know pushes the highly diversionary ‘Peak Oil’ angle. As Joe Quinn rightly points out, there is absolutely no proof that the Peak Oil situation even exists, not as the media informs us anyhow.

Consider also the fact that, if we are to believe that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were solely to steal the oil resources of those countries, then things have not panned out as the Neocons hoped. Most reports have been telling us that the expected reserves in Iraq are just not there. Which begs the question: are we really to believe that all the big brains in the US "think-tanks" did not foresee this?

Of course I am not for a moment suggesting that depopulation does not form a part of the plans of ‘the powers that be’. There is
too much evidence that governments have, for many years, been working on developing ever better ways to kill ever more people.

My problem with Ruppert is that by promoting his "Peak Oil" debate, he ever so subtly diverts attention away from those who are really responsible for our current predicament and lays the blame for the impending demise of civilisation as we know it at the door of mother nature and the unfortunate fact that she has run out of oil.

The fact is, Mike Ruppert indicates that we should all forget about the 9/11 discrepancies and concentrate on other future issues, like Peak Oil, and how to bring about the Depopulation of the Human Species????

Yes, that’s right, he advocates forgetting about the truth of 9/11 and instead..... concentrate on ways of helping the government kill us all off easier. What...., helping us to kill ourselves. I ain’t joking BTW.

Next up under review, we have Mr
Daniel Hopsicker, from the “Mad Cow Morning News” fame. Is he another Good Samaritan digging up the truth of the matter, or is he an excellent disinfo specialist? Again Joe Quinn observes:

He’s another truth fighter attempting to out the ‘facts’ of 911. Hopsicker’s research centers around alleged chief hijacker Mohammed Atta and his association with the CIA and their drug running activities in Florida. Hopsicker’s "smoking gun" is that Atta and 6 other hijackers got their "wings" at a Florida Flight School that was also used for drug running by the CIA. Added to that is evidence that the hijackers received further training at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. Hopsicker states:

"The most extraordinarily-damning fact that’s been dredged up so far about the 9-11 attack is this one, unearthed in Florida:

During the same month that Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi began flying lessons at his flight school, the flight school owner’s Lear jet was seized by DEA agents who found 43 pounds of
heroin aboard."

It goes to the heart of the relationship between Mohamed Atta and his Hamburg cadre and their criminal hosts here in the U.S. and leads directly to the network supporting, employing, and/or doing business with the terrorists.

Now, I am not contesting any of these details, in fact, it is rather curious that Hopsicker is able to glean such detailed and explosive information about the undoubtedly "top secret" activities of the phoney hijackers, purely as a result of honest and diligent research. Get real!

Mr Quinn makes some very good points; just how indeed can Mike Ruppert and Daniel Hopsicker retrieve such explosive insider information, and not be silenced by those powers that committed the 9/11 deeds. Not to mention the fact that all these angles take attention away from the real culprits of 9/11 (And NO, not Saudi Arabia….!!). The real culprits are those who benefit from the events of that bloody day.

Once again, magic bullet theories, smoke and mirrors, and magic shows all for the benefit of Mr Average’s average brain.

And who benefited (as everyone knows, but few dare to shout aloud) U.S.A. and Israel.

Hopsicker raises further suspicion and further dilutes his credibility by insisting that all roads simply HAVE to lead to Saudi Arabia, summing up his stance by saying:

“Any 9-11 "expert" whose revelations don’t frequently use the word "Saudi" in conjunction with the word "Florida" is peddling a red herring.”

Why do all these high-profile 9/11 commentators and investigators all point suspicious fingers at Saudi Arabia? This country does not benefit from the events of that day. The only countries that benefit are the ones who get to occupy foreign lands and drain that target nations resources. Who do we know that is currently war mongering, occupying foreign lands and conquering Planet Earth……… erm.. is it.... U.S.A. and Israel ?

The exposure
Mike Ruppert and Daniel Hopsicker are granted by relatively mainstream media is frankly unbelievable, and raises suspicions all by itself. We live in an age where government-issued press-statements are read aloud, verbatim, by the mainstay news agencies. I mean, usually there’s no journalism or balanced reporting going on anymore, just whoring mouthpieces for black government propaganda.

But here we have two alternative news investigators whose works are being promoted by the VERY SAME organisations they proclaim to speak out against. News-Agencies who often choose to ignore real news and interesting news pieces that will make one question the official events. This MUST surely raise a few eyebrows.

So if you’re still pondering why the 9/11 Truth Movement died on it’s ass, ask these two gentlemen how this could have happened. With their mutual, “Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain” double-act, they have assisted to kill off a once promising, energetic movement to get to the real bottom of this deadly matter. Either consciously or not, that is a fact, ma'am.........


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