Monday, March 21, 2005

How the IRA is useful to Blair and Bush

Tony Blair and George Bush have a lot in common, they both are incredibly distasteful, yet vigorous enforcers for the WAR ON TERROR.

Now recent events in Ireland and the UK once again raise the LIE ALERT alarm bells.

The recent tragic murder of Robert McCartney in Dublin, Ireland, and the resulting political manoeuvres surely carry some hidden underlying message, to at least those who can see it.

For those who missed what happened; members of the IRA purportedly murdered Robert McCartney in a pub row, and are accused by members of Mr McCartney’s family of intimidating witnesses.

Curiously, the IRA have been very quiet in recent times, some say due to the leverage Sinn Fein have acquired since the cease-fire between the UK Govt and the IRA.

But all of a sudden, the IRA is once again in the front pages on the papers, a strange event for a terrorist organisation that has been inactive for 5 years now…..

Now I'm not saying the IRA is innocent here, who knows until more evidence is unearthed.

But in the last week, we have G.W Bush inviting Mr McCartney’s five sisters and his partner to visit the White House, as a tribute to ‘All those working towards Peace in Northern Ireland’.

Then we have Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein’s representative who was also in Washington this week, and was publicly attacked by Mr Bush (USA has always supported the IRA when it suited them, remember…………..)

So fair enough then, perhaps Blair asked Bush to do him this one favour, and attack the IRA as loudly and as publicly as possible. After all, Bliar is trying his damnest to introduce freedom-limiting ‘Anti-Terrorist’ policies into parliament. Which will additionally bring the UK’s current freedoms into line with the FAKE Freedoms our American cousins are now entitled to.

Case closed?

Now call me cynical (as if..), but do Bush & Bliar really give a toss about the family of a tragically murdered man in Northern Ireland. If the double-duo can murder up to 200,000 innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan, what makes them care so much about this dreadful death?

Political Leverage?

Please, Please let the people of the UK know that Bush and Bliar are using the appalling death of Mr McCartney as leverage for their WAR ON TERROR. Make no mistake. - They are using this tragic event as an excuse to enforce Blair's new TERRORIST LAWS...

But then again, we already knew that, didn’t we?


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