Monday, March 07, 2005

Universal Ban On Smoking - Total Hypocrisy

Speak about the rise of fascism in the U.S. and the U.K. and you will often be met with deadly silence. Raise the subject of UFO's and you may well just be laughed at .... But bring up the discussion of SMOKING, and observe the emotional opinionated weight this very subject carries.

People tend to feel very strongly, one way or another, about the SMOKING subject. Why is this? Why do people care more about smoking than say, Poverty, Famine, War. Funny that....

I personally do smoke, though my partner does not. She would like to see me stop, but this is more due to the heavy cost of them to purchase in the UK, rather than due to any anti-smoking propaganda she may have picked up through the MSM's campaigning.

Now, I have to say that there is a great deal of hypocrisy from the government when it comes to smoking (and a lot of other subjects too....).

According to the Glasgow Herald, for every one person that dies of smoking, another 99 die in road accidents...... THINK ABOUT THIS...!?!?!?!?

We the people, are subjected to deadly flouride in our water system.

We the people, are subjected to chemtrails, and the resulting chemicals that breed in the very air we breathe.

We the people, are subjected to dangerous additives, preservatives and flavourings in our food.

We the people, are subjected to listen to Elton John and Phil Collins.

Lucky us, they really know how to care.

So why does the PTB put so much time, energy and resources into the anti-smoking effort? In light of War, Famine, Corporate appetite for destruction and comets all coming our way, it does seem, well, odd.


Now hang on there..... Dont ALT+F4 quite just yet, please do let me explain! Check these articles for some relevations.

Could tobacco save your life?
05, 2003

We all know that smoking endangers our health. But has nicotine's image problem led scientists to overlook the drug's potential health benefits? Geoff Watts investigates:

Attempts to use nicotine in Parkinson's date back to the 1920s when one clinician injected it intravenously into a dozen patients. Although benefits were immediately apparent, little more happened for 50 years. Interest picked up again in the Eighties, but virtually all studies used small numbers of patients, and results were mixed.
Even so, to quote Balfour and Fagerstrom, "the experience from these few cases, although mostly uncontrolled and preliminary... warrants further investigation". For one thing, they say, nicotine may improve only certain symptoms, so may be more valuable to some patients than others.

Nicotine has also been tested in small studies on pain, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obesity and anxiety. In these disorders the evidence so far has been even more patchy. But serious research programmes have often been triggered by less impressive findings. So why the relative lack of interest in nicotine as a research topic with clinical payoffs?
Hmmmm, makes you think don't it! So could smoking be good for you?

I read yet another article for the thinkers about this most Taboo subject;

From recent news reports, it has come to our attention that smoking is a vice that "leaders" around the world are determined to stamp out. But why? The official story is that our ever benevolent governments wish to prevent "we the people" from damaging our health, and that of others (if you believe the "second hand smoke" fable. Those of a more cynical disposition claim that the truth has more to do government aims of cutting back on public health expenditure for preventable diseases like lung cancer.

Yet this explanation is relevant only for those few countries where public health care is free and is also contingent on the, as yet, missing evidence that smoking really is the number one cause of cancer, rather than the many other pollutants that we all inhale every day.

Given what we know of the contempt in which The Powers That Be
hold most of humanity, and the lack of convincing evidence that even moderate smoking really is a risk to public health, we are forced to look for another reason for the increasingly world-wide witch hunt on smoking and smokers.

Much food for thought here I think. To think that there is a direct link between Non-Smokers and Alzheimers Disease... In other words, it seems the majority of sufferers from this Brain Disease, are non smokers.....? Surely this is worthy of serious study?

So, there is a health benefit from smoking, namely that Nicotine (which is non-carcinogenic BTW) is very-good for the old grey-brain-matter. And the most efficient way for Nicotine to enter the body, is actually, through smoking....!?!?

And also of serious study is why does the governments want us all to quit in light of this information. Oh yeah, thats right, they only have our best interests at heart, I remember now.....!!!!!

Personally I agree with Bill Hick's with the smoking issue;

The greatest advertisement for Smokers is the example of Non Smokers. Do you really want to become one of these people?????? LOL

As for "Governement Health Warnings" , I think any contact with a government body should come with a health warning........


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