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The Da Vinci Code – Fact or Fiction?

What a hullabaloo this book has caused, and no wonder either!!

Of course The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is a work of fiction, but the story he tells is not totally unique, or new in any way. Dan Brown is certainly not the first author to broach the subject that Jesus actually did marry, and had offspring whose descendants live amongst us today.

The Gnostics, and other such gatherings throughout our history, have all taught that Jesus did indeed have children, and more so, this is partly related to the Blood Line Of The Holy Grail. (Note that this is a Small Part of the grail story….. not the entire affair)

Could the truth be stranger than fiction?

I know devout bible-bashin, hell-spittin Christians will immediately ignore the possibility that the Big-J (Jesus..) got married and subsequently had kids, the sturdy believers will duly attack the messenger for such heresy. But certain facts are certainly worth pondering.

Consideration No.1

The first bible, or at least the earliest copy of The New Testament, did not appear until 600 AD. Now that’s a long time, relatively speaking. All sorts of additions to the story could have been added, all sorts of changes to the original story could be added within a 600-year period. Think Chinese-Whispers multiplied by 600.

Think about it? Isn’t it a bit strange that the first copy of The New Testament was 600 yrs late?

Consideration No.2

The Gnostics and others taught up to around 600 AD, and after that time period, that Jesus did indeed marry and have children. The annoying fact is there is very little documentation to survive that was written by the Gnostics BECAUSE….. The good ole Christian Clans persecuted, beat up, decapitated, burned and hanged the Gnostics for HERESY…………….

But, there is evidence that between year 0 and 600 there were established Gnostic doctrines that taught about the descendants of Jesus (not to mention his human parents....), long before the first New Testament made it’s decidedly late appearance.

Consideration No.3

Only the winners get to write history. After all, if the Christians promptly eliminated the Gnostics for writing that the descendants of Jesus lived on after Big J died, then that must be true, right???

There is actually another insight into the Dan Brown idea (and the Gnostic teachings), that what Jesus actually taught, was what
Gurdjieff, Mouravieff & Ouspensky duly define as ESOTERIC CHRISTIANITY.

Esoteric Christianity is the study, and the tragic story of ‘Man the Machine’. By Machine, these teachers note that man is indeed mechanical in his ways:

I like to get up early in the morning

I like to sleep in late

This is what is meant by ‘mechanical’. The same individual will utter both these statements, and they will indeed believe each statement, at the particular moment declared in time.

But there in lies the rub… so which is it? Do you want to lie in, or do you want to get up early??????

Ignoring my bad example…. students of MAN came to the conclusion that what JESUS taught was actually ESOTERIC CHRISTIANITY. Because Jesus, and other purveyors of Esoteric Christianity came to the horrific realisation that man is 'made of many small *I*'s.
By "I (s)", is meant that one part of you will want to get up early in the morning. But later on, another 'You' , or another *I* will take dominant control of your brain, and that *I* will now be in control for a while.
And this new *I* may just want to have a nice long lie in.......... Schizophrenic personalities, or a true observance of the Human condition? Makes you think don't it.....?

Jesus knew that 'man' was an almost schizophrenic, fractured being who arrives at all his destinations by predictable-mechanical means, rather than using any dedicated thought, direction, or a realisation of the tragic predicament he is born unto.

These Students Of Mankind realised that the search for a Master Within The Mind, The Philosophers Stone, The Alchemist, The Shaman’s Ascent, and The Search For The Holy Grail were……. ALL THE SAME THING!!!!!

This is exactly what Jesus tried to convey, before the winners got to re-write history (think, 600 year period before the first bible appeared).

Laura Knight-Jadczyk has written extensively about the Da Vinci Code, and it’s direct relationship to Esoteric Christianity, and writings of Fulcanelli, the most famous Alchemist is recent history.

The following is taken from an article written by
Laura Knight-Jadczyk, entitled The True Identity of Fulcanelli and The Da Vinci Code;

In terms of the myths and stories of the search for the Holy Grail, or, in our modern metaphor - the escape from the Matrix - most of the figures appearing in the Greek constellations were said to have been placed there by one of the gods to honor and perpetuate their memory. The constellation figures of Cepheus and Cassiopeia are unusual in that they were not granted their positions as an honor, but are there to complete the story of Perseus, Andromeda and Cetus. This is a group of five constellations that is unusual in that it is the only classical myth to be so fully depicted.

Can it be that this is a a clue that this myth is a sort of “message in a bottle” to mankind?
I urge the curious reader to check out this most thought-provoking article in full, which is in itself excerpted from her new book, The Secret History Of The World.
Furthermore, Patrick Riviere wrote the book’s intro, and Patrick Riviere was taught Alchemic truths by the famous alchemist author, Eugene Canseliet. And Eugene Canseliet was one of the last students of the great Fulcanelli himself.

Here is what Patrick Riviere had to say about The Secret History Of The World;

This book of revolutionary importance is essential reading. With this original work, Laura Knight-Jadczyk shares with us her prodigious discoveries that put into question History as well as our habitual observations concerning the myth of the “Grail”. She does this by revisiting the Bible and comparative mythology, looking closely into parallel universesand hyperspace, and penetrating into quantum physics, genetics, and the mysteries of the diverse creations populating the hyperdimensions of the Cosmos.Throughout her exposé, Laura Knight-Jadczyk refers to two powerful works of the scientist-alchemist Fulcanelli: The Mystery of the Cathedrals and Dwellings of the Philosophers. She applies her vast knowledge to the continuation of his work.

The truth is indeed stranger than fiction.............


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