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World War 2 Never Ended

The Second World War did not end in 1945 you know, contrary to common belief. It simply became subverted, and the war was taken underground in a brilliant Nazi duplicitous maneuver. The war is sadly continuing unto this very day. In fact, the Nazi's are winning the war, and their audacious objectives are near to completion.

Not much is really known about the True Nazis either. They are extremely powerful, and more secretive than any mystical Masonic society. They are able to instigate, and subsequently weave in and out of major world-events, all while leaving little to no trace of their original presence.

But we do know they had several bold and dark objectives:
Complete World Domination, and the Total Extermination of all Jews.

The Nazi's knew they could never defeat America's forces on German or French soil. No, in order to meet these objectives, they had to fight cunningly, and carefully.

In late 1945, a famous secret battle-plan entitled Operation-Paperclip was devised, and thusly deployed with absolute success. This hidden assault, resulted in the quietest Coup of a country, in probable world history. The Nazi's were able to install clandestine agents into the very heart of American society; academically, politically, scientifically and culturally.

Other countries apart from the US were also invaded in similar mendacious fashion, as the Nazi's had many secret Allies and spies in their employment. Among these were the Anti-Semitic Zionists, who greatly assisted to create a Nazi fortification in the Middle-East around this same time-line.

These agents, these new Americanized-Nazi 'Movers and Shakers', were able to infiltrate the U.S. Military Industrial Complex (MIC) with ease. They immediately utilised, and drained, America's resource and technological infrastructres, for their own devious requirements.

However, the Nazi's knew they couldn't launch an all-out physical assault against a potentially dangerous American population, that would give the game away. What they required was to devise a way to control the unwitting American peoples, and Mind-Control deployment was an old speciality of the Nazi's (they already had good practise by controlling the German people's minds so precisely).

So, American Official-Culture would be created, and tailored, to meet the Nazi's specific aims. And with all that new Mind-Control research and advancement made possible by Operation-Paperclip, the games were soon further afoot.

The Nazi's could now build their US prison, and alas, the world's largest self contained concentration camp was born.

And so it was back to business....

They gave the sleeping US population something else to occupy their potentially powerful minds with; they gave them Fear, The Power Of Nightmares. After all, if you want a majority support for your particularly selfish endevours, then you are going to need people to agree with your chosen plans. And what better way to get support for your side, than to Terrorise those individuals into siding with you.

The first of these nightmares was Communism......... The fear. The Terror. The Red Threat was a master stroke.

Communsim divided the US, gave the Nazi's their opportunity to establish such diabolical, but indeed necessary, organisations such as the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. (with Nazi agents taking the helm in each agency). The Communist threat enabled an increase in weapons production, and generally enlarged the entire Nazi Military Industrial Complex.

And so, after years of paranoia, a near World-War nuclear holocaust via the Cuban Missile Crises, the Nazi's knew they had thing good going for themselves....

At around this same time, the Nazi's completely infiltrated the US Media, along with all it's supporting institutions. Without the Media's alignment into the Nazi fold, Official-Culture could not be utilised to direct and suit their requirements The Nazi's utilised their Zionist collaborators to achive this Media Dominance, who actually still posess the major Media and Movie industry establishments to this very day.

This combination of Official-Culture, mixed with the work that the C.I.A. were carrying out in Mind-Control Development, simply worked a treat. They could program Killers to assassinate anyone, or make Lone Individuals go Postal, as an excuse to implement Totalitarian Laws. But more importantly, the Nazi's could ensure the Sleeping-Sheep were always taken care of. No more grand aspirations, No more free thinking for the US population, no sir. See, the Nazi's gave them no requirement to think for themselves any more, and they bought it all, hook, line, and sinker. (pretty cunning eh!?)

What the Nazi's continually required was further political control, and a never ending need to deploy greater Draconian Laws. Once in a while, the sleeping US population would wake up to See what was happening. They could become uncontrollable, end even be a threat to the Nazi establishment. So the Nazi's decided to kill a few birds with the one stone (they are extremely skilled at this).

The Nazi's required an ENABLING-ACT, similar to the one utilised to dominate Germany so completely and politically in 1933. (You know the one...... when the Nazi's burned down the Reichstag themselves, blamed Terrorists as the culprits, just as an excuse to take over Germany. This is one of their trademarks - see if you can spot more of them throughout world history)

And viola - The Vietman War was created!

All they needed for this to happen, was to burn another Reichstag Fire, which would result in similar ENABLING-ACT laws, that would bolster the means to achieving their objectives. The Nazi's claimed the Communist Vietnamese had destroyed some US war-ships in Vietnam waters, which was never actually proved. The Nazi's had already previously placed their C.I.A. agents into the Vietnamese area, to help whip up an Anti-Vietnamese government furor (an area at which the C.I.A. were particularly skilled at).

With this stroke of genius, the Nazi's could appear to be taking the fight directly to Communism (all for the publics imagination), devour Vietnamese resources, and take over corporately and politically - and at the same time annihilate a potentially potent force of young American minds. All this would be achieved within the one movement. And still at this point, nobody is none the wiser! The Nazi's are never suspected as the culprits, and their main objectives are ever nearer to completion!

But just look at that ever expanding Military Industrial Complex!

The Vietnam War was just the ticket to support military spending, increase military technology, and gain those ever-more much needed resources. After all, Lebensraum was taken care of long ago. And all this militaristic and political expenditure was helping to run America into the ground.

But what of the Middle-East?

Always on the Nazi's mind was this particular area, although the Nazi's already had made a good head start there, via their anti-semitic collaboratives, the ever-stealthy Zionists. With assistance from these Zionists, the Nazi's had in part already established a large concentration-camp in the Middle East. The Zionists named it, " Isreal ".

But " Israel " was more than a concentration camp, it doubled as a Military-Base, and a natural extension of the US prison. From this prime location, the Nazi's knew they could control events in the entire Middle-East area, and thus invade, and provoke further wars at any time of their choosing. So, just as the Nazi's gave the Americans the C.I.A. to control and enslave the Sheep, Isreal got The Mossad for their own suffering.

With Israel now established, the Zionists could now burn their own Reichstags, and enable Draconian Laws to allow the Zionist government Total-Diabolical control to invade surrounding countries at will. And just like America, the average sleeping Jewish population remained unaware that the Nazi's were laughing themselves silly at how easy these games were to win.

But the Middle-East was a little tricky.

Hmmm......."These things must be done delicately", as the Witch said in the Wizard of Oz.

What the Nazi's required was a whole new Enemy, an entire new chapter of Fear and Nightmares, that could be instigated to rise up and Terrorize the Bejeezus out of the population. After all, the fear of Communism worked very well, it eventually crushed Russia and brought her down into line (thats a whole new chapter!).

What the Nazi's required to establish now was Fear Of Arabs. Oh my, how that would work! And so began the rise of International Terrorism.

Prior to this new manufactured Enemy, the Sleeping Sheep were still well under control, and were made content with their accepted lot; Wrestling, Rap Music, Suv's, Internet-Sex and Sports were all that was required for that end. A few Minds would rise up and smell the coffee occasionally, but there were Nazi collaborators and spies everywhere to take care of that.

Official-Culture by this late stage was already perfected as a flawless weapon - the perfect sleeping gas. The Nazi's could easily satisfy the Desires of their livestock, but their Thoughts were sometimes harder to control. As some aware people could see the truth, this was an issue that required constant tinkering. The Nazi's furthered their mechanisms of controlling the populations Thoughts. And so, the old tried and tested routine of an 'External-False-Enemy' was re-enacted, with cunning precision.

If the Nazi's could convince the sleeping American population to Fear Arabs, as they did prior with Communism, this could be the perfect excuse to invade the Middle-East. And how those Nazi's like to kill several birds with the one stone! - They could also utilise this Fear of Arabs to further decimate, and destroy the Zionist concentration camp's original inhabitants, the Palestinian Peoples. After all, those Palestinians were a real pain to the Nazi's, and the Zionists. No, for the Palestinians, they had to go too....

And so, the Zionists and the Nazi's set about to orchestrate the World's largest Reichstag Fire ever......

On the morning of September the 11th 2001, the Nazi's created the consummate opportunity for furthering their aims of World Domination, and The Total Destruction Of The Jews.

The Shock. The Horror of it all - The Complete Falseness Of It All.....

The Zionist Media immediately set about to point the blame at the Arabs feet, all the while diverting attention away from the real cuplrits; the Nazi's and their collaborators.

So, without further delay, the Middle-East invasion was put into great action.

First fell Afghanistan, and new Nazi collaborists were put into power there, as they would take care of the delicate Public Image issue. Especially with the world's suspicious eyes onlooking.

Then the Nazi's invaded Iraq.

Saddam, an old Nazi collaborator from long way back, was actually originally put into power in Iraq by the Nazi's. He could be useful for creating Reichstags too on occasion.

Saddam was a brutal character as we know, and his natural violent talents could prove to be useful to the Nazi's. So the Zionist Media assisted to further blacken his already bad name, and used their controlling influence to vector the Sleeping Sheep's thoughts to War, and Cold Blooded Revenge.

The majority of Iraq that remains today is but a shell of it's past. Over 200,000 inhabitants have been eradicated. Iraq is no more a threat to the Nazi's or their Zionist allies.

However, the Nazi's knew that America is also on course to destroying herself, with these foolish endevours.

All this moral and financial expenditure on Wars of Agression, can only help to Crush America, once and for all. With her economy in ruin, it will not be too long before America realises that a great depression will fall upon her. And once that happens, the Nazi's will have complete control, Mind, Body and Soul, over the American populace.

And so, here we stand today.

As we noted earlier in this brief Nazi historical overview, we knew the Nazi's major objectives were World Domination, and The Total Destruction Of The Jews. And now they are nearer to completion than ever before.

Israel has proved to be successful in rounding up the remaining Jews still alive, and soon, the Nazi's and the Zionists will destroy them all with impunity.

The Final Solution was never to be truly realised until that point in time. There after, remains the rest of the World, to be subsumed unto the Greater Nazi Quest.


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