Monday, April 18, 2005

Atomic Iran, Chicken Curries and Fascism

Myself and a lady friend went out for a lovely Indian curry last night. I don't often eat out, especially on a Sunday night, but ya just can't beat a chicken curry to excite those tastebuds.

MMMMMmmm as Homer would drool.............!!

After the feast (washed down with 2 pints of Lal Toofan, best Indian lager in the world) the waiter came up and made small talk. These pleasantries soon turned to discussing how mad the world was going. The guy says he sees this madness growing every year; from the local teenagers trashing everything and everyone all the time, to how most people are so angry all the time, to the War-On-Terror and how false it all seems, and to the constant misery that comes from these world troubles.

Then he said something about a rumour I'd blogged about a while ago, a rumour that scared him in it's implications....

"America is going to war with Iran this year.... Damn scary stuff man"

You bet it's damn scary I said.

Coincidentally, on Friday my buddy from the U.S. told me about these hawkish 'Iranian pro-democracy' adverts that he saw on the net, and mentioned they're due to go on TV soon too. The Gorilla In The Room blog discovered some very interesting info about the Hawks.

He told me I would love to see the Bull that US hawks are now putting out regarding 'Iranian Freedom and Democracy' - Just like with Iraq, the media is desperately trying to get everyone to agree that Iran is a threat to the free-world, and those poor oppressed Iranians just have to be saved with good old Christian Democracy, guns and bombs.

Not again I said...?!

Will the people finally see the excuses and lies this time. Will they finally acknowledge the USA is using constant BS excuses to invade, and further drain the Middle-East (under the auspices of the all too willing Christian Right congress)??

See the Iran Lies video here, kindly created by the warmongering bots at 'Iran freedom foundation'.

These Net adverts aren't even all that slick, especially after all the nonsense about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that the US gov finally admitted never existed. Jerome Corsi talks in the video about how Iran has a prolific nuclear arsenal, and is just itching to use them on the US, and how they oh-so-want to eradicate the United States and Israel, how they hate US freedom (LOL!), and how Iranian terrorist sleeper-cells are secretly waiting in the US.... to be activated........ OMG!!.

Jerome Corsi wrote a lovely fair and balanced piece about the false dangers of Iran and it's unGodly ways, in his black propaganda book called Atomic Iran. He also runs the above website I believe.

Who's Jerome Corsi I thought?

Well here's a choice comment from him describing the very people he wants to save with American Style Democracy-

Corsi on Muslims:-

"RAGHEADS are Boy-Bumpers as clearly as they are Women-Haters -- it all goes together"

Yeah!! That's precious aint it. This guy is clearly into balanced thinking with no hints of prior prejudices. A real lover of the Iranian peoples, who only wants to help them to gain Freedom and Democracy, just like the lucky enlightened corpses in Iraq.

Atomic Iran? Iran Freedom Foundation? - Just black propaganda to pacify any dissent against US invasion plans....

I think i've got heartburn now.


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