Thursday, June 23, 2005

Happy Slapping Mania

A strange, twisted and violent phenomenon has appeared in the UK over the past few months - That of 'Happy Slapping'.

What basically happens, is groups of young folk will 'Slap' complete strangers, while their friends capture the funny episode on their mobile phones. The movies are then uploaded to various sites, or emailed to friends, forums etc.

But there is nothing particularly amusing about this peculiar new trend at all.

Exactly what is being perpetrated is nothing like a Friendly Slap (whatever that is anyway..?). There have been many reports of complete strangers having the living daylights kicked out of them, while a good natured individual will record the torrid episode. So far, an eleven year old girl has been raped by 'Happy Slappers'.

Britain has always had a violent society, and many folk are strangely proud of this fact. The famed 'British Bulldog' image is taken to a stereotypical understanding, by those who innately identify that brawn is better than brains.

How we love these overhyped, testosteroned-up, vicious images of UK society. And we just desire to love all those angry, rebelious, scary, gang-land types -

The Krays, Sid Vicious, Ronnie Biggs.
(to name a few)

Take for example the British film industry; nearly every movie produced in recent times are aggressive Ganster movies (or brain-dead love movies like LOVE ACTUALLY..!?)

'Get Carter'
'The 51st State'
'Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels'

Strangely enough.. I enjoyed most of these films, Michael Caine is one of my fav actors. But the fact remains for some reason, our society revels in violent behaviour.

Some folks think programmes like Jackass are responsible for the happy-slap trends. Perhaps to a degree. After all, monkey-see, monkey-do...

Though in saying that, for all our systems of religion, spirituality, care-for-others mentalities - there is a heavy counterweight of negativity that DOES APPEAR TO BE the status quo. Or in other words, it's the natural dominant state of our world. And some folks are just born to raise hell. It's simply who they are.

If anyone spends some time studying mankind and the world he lives in, this conclusion is inevitable.

Trends like 'Happy Slapping' do come and go - likewise wars come and go too. And there is not a thing one man alone can do about it....

Well, there is one large exception - We can learn to the best of our knowledge EXACTLY how this reality works - And that includes what drives humanity to violent behaviour.

For me, there is one book out there that opened the door to understand why we live in the world that we do (and I'm still learning...).

That book is Laura Knight-Jadczyk's, Secret History Of The World.

This book introduces the concept that the world is indeed perfect as it is, warts, wars and all; that all tribulations are lessons; and that learning to evolve and grow - spiritually and mentally - is the only way to understand WHY we are here.

This is THE most important book you will ever read.


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