Friday, May 20, 2005

Join The US Army - For Life

I like perusing the alternative news sites, after all where else are you gonna get a fairer balanced opinion of what’s going on. Take this little story; it appears the US military is offering new volunteers a new 15-month short-term enlistment.

Only problem is, if any of these potential new recruiters takes the time to read the fine small print, they will immediately realise they have been hood-winked to sign up for up to eight years (or more….).

Faced with the biggest recruitment shortfall since the draft was abolished in 1973, the US Army has come up with what it thinks is a good idea. The nation's largest military force will allow new enlistees the option of serving just 15 months on active duty.”

But before anyone bellies up to a recruitment center to take advantage of this offer, they should read the fine print in the enlistment contract and an appeals court ruling that was issued a day after the Army's announcement. The 'Stop-Loss' authority’

While one year and three months might not sound like a long time to serve this country in a time of war, those who take advantage of the Army's offer should know that their actual commitment to Uncle Sam will be at least eight years - not 15 months. Everyone who enters the all-volunteer military incurs a total service obligation of eight years, a portion of which is spent on active duty. For the remainder of this time, the enlistee can be called back into uniform at the government's discretion under a program called "Stop-Loss".

I realise that the number of new recruitments into the US army has fallen dramatically over the last few years, and no bloody wonder. But I’m not really surprised the US army has now utilised obfuscation and underhand tactics to get new bodies into their fold. And ‘bodies’ is the proper correct term to use regarding the future of these misguided sods.

Regarding this Stop-Loss procedure, it seems this fine detail can be put into action at any time to ensure personnel are chained to their posts, literally speaking.

So, who needs a draft if according to this Stop-Loss situation the army can hold it’s staff for up to eight years, and even longer in the case of Sgt. Emiliano Santiago. Sgt Santiago is an Oregon Army National Guardsman who sued to keep from being forced to stay on active duty beyond the eight-year period.

For the reasons we have set forth, however, we conclude that the application of
the stop-loss order did not breach his enlistment contract”, said by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in their ruling against his challenge.

No draft may be necessary in any situation for the US army. After all, a lot of folk are starting to wake up to the terrifying fact that the US economy is indeed in very dire straights. If the bubble were to burst in the immediate future, and indeed it’s now a case of WHEN rather than IF the economic reality implodes, then the US Army may be the ONLY viable employer for a lot of the population.

This is similar to the situation in Germany before the Second World War. The US army may really be the only employer with vacancies. After all, it’s not as if Iraq is the end of the US Imperialist takeover of the world. From their own mouths, it’s just the beginning.


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