Thursday, June 30, 2005

BLOGIRAN - Freedom Or Death?

What are we fighting for,

don't ask me I don't give a damn,

the next stop is IRAN.

Iran? The US says it now wants to bring Freedom to the peoples of Iran, but does it want to 'Iraqi-fi' the country? And since when did Freedom resemble Death and Destruction?

The drums have been a-banging on the net again, this time calling for the US of A to bring Freedom and Democracy to the Iranian population. Sceptics have a strange feeling of deja-vu of course when the US uses these words with regards to another middle-east country. And with damn good reason too.

After the multitude of reasons spieled out about for the reasons to invade Iraq, the US finally chose to throw down the 'Freedom and Democracy' card. Not that anyone with an ounce of brain energy actually bought that nonsense. After all, how can you give people 'Freedom and Democracy' by killing them with depleted uranium, torturing them, and stealing their countries resources?

If the US thinks this is showing people the 'Good Life', then Up must be Down, and Black must be White....

And just whom exactly is requesting that we all support the US effort to bring the Good Life to Iran?

Why it's the good folks at :

They are calling for good, wholesome peoples the world over to gather together in the name of all that is beautiful to free Iran!!!

Free to plunder asunder, to kill and maim, steal and abuse, and free for American companies to rape.

Of course, only the US with it's good conscious and military might, can bring this fabled freedom. And I'm not wanting to sound redundant here, but the US only knows one way to bring these types of luxuries to a sovereign nation, so better remember the body-bags.... are asking for bloggers and activists to write blog entries, letters to newspapers, letters to representatives in positions of power etc.. for them to state their unequivocal support for a US invasion of Iran.... err sorry...... For the US to bring Freedom to Iran!!!!!

My, what a kind gesture. The US just gives and gives till it hurts..... everyone.

Take this titbit from one of their 'supporting blogs'.

"Is it not time for President Bush to put an end to the charade? Isn't it time for the President of the Free World to act on all the rhetoric that has come out of Washington and announce a real policy in support of The Iranian people, a policy that will put European officials who have worked hard to maintain the clerical regime to shame?"

Yeah.... Those bad Europeans.. They just want the Iranian peoples to live in hell. While the US just wants to help and set them free. Just like they did with those oppressed Iraqis and Afghanis.

And just look how free they are now? My they are just basking in sunny freedom, while their oil is basking in American hands.

BS in a word. appears to be yet another highly suspicious site, set up for the purpose of spinning public opinion to accept an invasion of Iran.

But they will try to convince any unwitting populace that they are only trying to help, "We aint killing, we be setting free...."


Please don't take this nonsense at face value. Lies, lies, damned lies. And these folk know it well too.

If you listen to the devil, he will tell you only what you want to hear.


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