Saturday, March 11, 2006

Straussian Reality

I read an excellent Kurt Nimmo piece yesterday, on the horrors of 'Iraq Invasion, A Straussian Mistake?' .

The main point taken from this excellent essay is that; Iraq aint no mistake baby....... The horrors we are witnessing daily (now reported in the mainstream media and Alt Newsites) are indeed planned, and are carried out meticulously by agents of the Neo-Cons.

The straussian plan for TOTAL-ALL-OUT-WAR in the middle-east is actually near completion. It was always the plans of the Neo-Cons & the Israeli New-Age-Nazi's to control the middle-east with an iron-glove.

Someone wants civil in Iraq.... Who, Why, And what will be the consequences?

Zalmay Khalilzad warns that the invasion and occupation of Iraq has opened "a Pandora's box," spreading "conflict," as Cornwell describes it, across the Middle East. In fact, this is precisely what the Straussian neocons want-chaos and "conflict" spreading like an uncontrollable wild fire, scorching Muslim and Arab culture, eating away at the very societal cohesion of the region, thus leaving it decimated and malleable to reorganization along the lines envisioned by the Straussian neocons and the original architects of the plan, the racist Jabotinskyites in Israel. Cornwell, lost in the forest of corporate media spin and lies, is unable to see the tree planted by these devious Machiavellian co-conspirators.

Mr. Cornwell does not bother to take into consideration the
trouble brewing over Iran's illusory nuclear weapons, simply another pretext for more violence and misery, as a few neocons may step forward and admit "mistakes" over the invasion and occupation of Iraq while their fellows prepare to repeat those "mistakes" in Iran.

Are you as scared as me yet....

When America and its dupes invade Iran, it seems the Straussian agenda will be furthered immensely; America will be decimated in return, the Middle-East will be controlled by division (small statelets), and Israel will sitting pretty (or so it's leaders think.....).

It should now be obvious the Straussian neocon plan not only includes an effort to destroy Arab, Persian, and Muslim culture, but American culture as well. "The real question is not whether the American military can topple Hussein's regime, but whether the American public has the stomach for imperial involvement of a kind we have not known since the United States occupied Germany and Japan," Lawrence F. Kaplan, the neocon sidekick of William Kristol, remarked as the invasion of Iraq unfolded. "The theory behind this, developed by Michael Doyle,
professor of international affairs at Princeton University, is that democratic governments are reluctant to go to war because they must answer to their citizens. And the history of liberal democracies, though comparatively short in the grand scheme of history, tends to buttress his point," explains Bruce Murphy, writing for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

If we, the people DO not express ourselves now, we will be complicit in these histories, because we will all be part of it. Future generations, after centuries of post-apocalyptic nuclear survival, will talk of these days with fear, regret and anger at what we left for them.

Please act now. We must voice our opinions and find ways to stop these mad-men from destroying life as we know it.

For more information on these pressing matters that the Mainstream-Media will only glance at, please read the Sign Of The Times news site, and other Alt-News-Sites for further analysis.


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