Sunday, May 21, 2006

What The New Pentagon Crash Video Should Show

Can you tell which video is the one the Pentagon released this week?

They're lying to you.......

Of course... It's the top video that was released by the US Gov this week.

Well.. you didn't think they would give the game totally away did you???

If the US Gov were to actually release such a tell-all video, this is what it would like (the one on the BOTTOM, incase Pathocratic influences have overtaken your thought processes significantly...).

I'm amazed at the brazen arrogance of these people to actually think this updated video, would actually settle the No-Boeing matter once and for all.

An excellent analysis of this updated situation can be read here, that proves without a shadow of a doubt, that we are ALL being played for fools.

Basically then, while the mainstream press is trumpeting the line that "the Defence Department has released "the video of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon", nothing could be further from the truth because there is still no evidence of a Boeing 757 in the security camera footage.

If mainstream press reporters were to be honest (for once in their lives) the most they could state would be that: "the DOD has released a video of the attack on the Pentagon in which
something appears in one frame of the footage and the U.S. government claims that this 'something' is the nose cone of Flight 77

I strongly suggest the reader to take a good look at this article in full. Due to my limited expertise with this blogging page , I cannot upload the image of the Nose Cone here. But if you examine the images contained within this article, the bitter truth is sadly displayed for all to see and weep.

The Nose-Cone as released in the actual Pentagon video is smaller than an actual 757. In fact, according to the US DOD, all that crashed into a Pentagon was a white blob.

Is it more clear now? Can you see Flight 77 in all its glory? All we can see is an amorphous white blob that looks more like a car than the nose cone of any aircraft. Obviously the images are too grainy to be of any use to anyone. At this point then, the most we can say is that an amorphous white blob with definite Islamic terrorists leanings hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

They're lying to us folks, are we gonna believe and settle for this BS, while hundreds of thousands of innocent's lie dead in the wake of US, EU and Israeli agression?


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