Saturday, July 29, 2006

Your Intelligence and The Media

We live in terrifying times......

Anyone with an ounce of sense can see where these constant conflicts are leading to, but it seems to me at least, that World-War been the plan all along.

Since 9/11/2001, the game has been taken to higher new levels. The utter simplicity of 'Good Vs Evil' and 'Us Vs Them' has sold rather well to a dumbed down population, through a compliant, phoney Media.

Take newspapers; in the UK there is a free newspaper that is placed in train stations, buses, office entrances etc, called 'The Metro'. Free is good right?! - I don't believe anything is free, or at least without a personal cost.....

The cost, in the case of accepting what The Metro has to say in it's news coverage, is your intelligence I believe....

The Metro's coverage of the current Middle-East crisis, to be blunt, is completely biased against the Lebanese, Palestinian, Iraqi and Iranian peoples .... (or Muslims, as we in the west are collectively taught to name them all...)

In one of this weeks "news stories" , I learned how '7 Lebanese were killed by violence' , but an Israeli woman was 'Butchered by a hezbollah rocket attack' -- The story never mentioned that the 7 people killed, were actually a family (Lebanese/Canadians), and that 4 young children were among the murdered.

Sitting nicely beside the story, were pictures of grieving Israeli women, just to assist that anti-muslim angle.....

Now anyone caught up in these terrible troubles are victims, Israeli and Arab alike. Anyone with a shred of conscience would feel pain for them ALL - So why does the media constantly spin that ONLY ISRAELI'S ARE VICTIMS??

I slowly realised the paper was taking this stance over time.. It didn't adopt it overnight, just slowly, slowly. The example I give above is just one of many I have noted over the past few months, but can be noted clearer now. Especially with Israel really letting loose with it's constant innapropriate attacks on neighbouring countries, and Palestinian's alike.

The Metro doesn't publish many of their 'news-stories' online as it happens; the website contains the usual celebrity tit-tat, quizes, recipies etc --- usual supermarket-checkout magazine fare.

But next time you pick up a 'free copy' , take a closer look and see for yourselves just how pro-Israel, and anti-arab the paper actually is....



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