Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rats and Sinking Ships

The Sun newspaper has been Blair's biggest supporter over the past few years. It's owned by Rupert Murdoch, yeah... that pillar of moral goodness......

However, in recent months it has started to distance itself from Blair, Bush and the NeoConNazi approach to life.

Even the usually backboned-less columnist Bill Leckie asked today, "Who's pulling (Blair's) Strings?"

Tony Blair's feeble foreign policy died of shame long ago. But for him to stand back and let Iran trample on its grave by using 15 british sailors as political pawns only shows him for the fake statesman he truly is.

What began as a publicity stunt by pint-sized tyrant Mahmoud Dinnerjacket has escalated into a full-blown crisis

OK, so he couldn't resist calling President Ahmadinejad a Tyrant (what does that make Blair and Bush?!!?!)

Why? Because Blair has LET it. And why would he do that? Call me a cynic, but because his puppet masters in Washington has been waiting for the chance of a square go with the Iranians. Meanwhile those 15 sailors will be helpless dupes no matter the outcome.

Oh My God... Can it really be... A moment of TRUTH actually spoke by a Sun newspaper columnist. I'm shocked :-)

If they're released, the PM will be there with his trademark grin to meet them and hail their heroism.

If, God forbid they're not? He'll put on his serious face and promise reprisals. Full details of which will be revealed as soon as Dubya lets him know what they are.

Well ain't that the truth. Never in my life have I agreed with this man's writings. I do read him as I guess I'm addicted to getting annoyed with him. I love to loathe at times, un-healthily enough!


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