Sunday, April 15, 2007

Al-Sarafiya Suicide Bombing? I thought it was a helicopter

Above: A Suicide Bomber about to blow something up.

Above: A US Apache Helicopter about to blow something up.

Al-Sarafiya Bridge, destroyed by Suicide Bomber Insurgents, as they cleverly disguised themelves as US Army Apache Helicopters.

Suicide Bomb Collapses Baghdad Bridge, says the Guardian Website.... 10 Killed in Baghdad Suicide Bombing, says ABC News website...... etc etc.

Suicide bombers? As Joe Quinn perceptively notes, suicide bombers are a cover story for US (and British and Israeli) military Ops in Iraq.

Just like the bombing of Al-Askari shrine, Al-sarafiya bridge witnessed strange events hours before the bombing.

Iraqirabita quoting an eyewitness lives in Al-Atafiya – western side of the river says she woke up 07:10 this morning because of the unusual sounds of Americans helicopters above the river Tigris.

" I thought that this a beginning of an raid in our neighborhood, to be sure I went upstairs to see where are these helicopters are heading to.

I saw with my own eyes a helicopter firing two missiles, I heard an explosion, then I saw the bridge collapsed. "

Another report says….. It is interesting to note this morning Iraqi police blocked the traffic on the bridge for more than two hours, shortly before the explosion they allowed civilians cars to cross the river, which confirms that there is an orchestrated destruction of Al-Sarafiya bridge and resumption of movement by the time of the bombing was to cover up the actions of the "bombers"

If you think that this is a joke then here is the Chairman of Iraqi parliament "Al-Mashadani" also questions this act revealing that this planed a month ago to separate Baghdad’s both sides, making it easy to control.

And that has been the plan all along but, hasn't it? To Divide Iraq into smaller sections easier for the nazi stormtroopers to occupy, kill, maim, and destroy... because that's what will ultimately happen. Divide and conquer... that old chestnut.
More on this topic tomorrow...

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Blogger Terrible said...

celtic99, I was just posting about this "story" over at Mark of the Beast and happened to stumble onto your site when doing some research. You've got a great blog with spot on analysis and I'll be stopping by again. Keep up the good fight!

7:56 PM  
Blogger Celtic99 said...

Thanks 4 that Terrible! That means a lot!

Cheers for the heads up on Mark of Beast blog too, i'll be sure to check that out.


11:09 PM  

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