Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Modern Day Edelweiss Pirates

WW2 has always been a most intruiging subject. Such questions as how did the Nazi's gather such support, and was Hitler really as loved by ALL the peoples of Germany, have crossed my mind from time to time.

How could the Nazi's have risen to power?

Could something similar happen again, in America, or Europe?

They say that until man can properly analyse himself and his history, he is forever doomed to repeat it. So YES, it could happen again.

Some say it already is......
In the US.

But right here I want to address a subject that I previously knew very little about; Hitler and the Nazi's did indeed meet resistance from the ordinary German peoples. It seems not everyone agreed with the Nazi actions and ideologies, some did make a stand and networked to make a stand against Fascism.

Among these groups were the Edelweiss Pirates, the Roving Dudes, the Kittelbach Pirates and the Navajos.

These youth-gangs were raised as very young children into an already established Nazi society. For them, there was no real other alternative to the wishes of their society's leaders. The Hitler-Youth and other 'Approved' organisations were just waiting for them to enter and embrace, but these groups did not do that!

They rebelled, they fought with the Hitler-Youth gangs, danced the 'Un-approved' dances at halls, sang popular anti-Nazi songs and distributed anti-Nazi propaganda leaflets (even going as far as murdering a Gestapo leader).

The strange thing is, contemporary history would have us all believe that ALL of Gemany's peoples were behind the Nazi machine, and that just isn't so!

Peukert writes in his book 'Life in the Third Reich :

"" At these evening gatherings people chatted, told stories, played the guitar and sang songs - especially hiking songs or popular hits about foreign lands, adventure, tough men, beautiful girls.

No cliché from the world of commercial entertainment was left unused.

Nevertheless, the Edelweiss Pirates appropriated these banal stereotypes for their own ends. For one thing, they were not singing the Hitler Youth songs prescribed as "suitable for young people" or the fighting songs of the chauvinistic German military tradition; they sang adult hit songs...

The Edelweiss Pirates developed a remarkable knack for rewriting lyrics - inserting new phrases, lines or whole verses... the Edelweiss Pirates turned the traditional songs of the hiking and youth movements to similar use.

They adapted or reworked these songs and used them as signals of protest, either because the songs themselves were disapproved of or even banned by the Hitler Youth or because the names of supposed foes in the original texts were replaced with those of the Nazis, Gestapo or Hitler Youth. [...] On July 17, 1943, the Dusseldorf-Grafenberg branch of the Nazi Party reported to the Gestapo:

Re: "Edelweiss Pirates." The said youths are throwing their weight around again. I have been told that gatherings of young people have become more conspicuous than ever [in a local park], especially since the last air raid on Dusseldorf.

These adolescents, aged between 12 and 17, hang around into the late evening with musical instruments and young females. Since this riffraff is in large part outside the Hitler Youth and adopts a hostile attitude towards the organisation, they represent a danger to other young people.

It has recently been established that members of the armed forces too are to be found among these young people and they, owing to their membership in the Wehrmacht, exhibit particularly arrogant behaviour.

There is a suspicion that it is these youths who have covered the walls of the pedestrian subway... with the slogans "Down with Hitler," "The OKW [Military High Command] is Lying, "Medals for Murder," "Down with Nazi Brutality," etc. However often these inscriptions are removed, within a few days new ones reappear on the walls. ""

Now, what a great idea for a movie!

I did have an idea that not all of Germany's youth in the forties completely embraced the Nazi ideology;

I once worked with a woman who was raised in Berlin after World-War-2. She lived with her family, as her father was an officer in the RAF at that time.

She told me they had a woman German house-keeper, who herself had raised young children during the thirties. She told of how her two young children did not want to attend the Nazi Youth Rallies, that everyone was expected to go to. In fact her kids hated these rallies.

On one occasion, her boy and his friends decided to play truant and went off somewhere else instead of going to the organised Nazi-Rally. The very next day, an extremely aggressive Nazi Youth Leader, a woman, knocked on their door and demanded to know from the mother why her oldest child had not attended the organised function.

The mother was threatened with various punishments if her child ever missed another Rally......... And these punishements were carried out publicly. I think the mother ensured that her child did not miss any meetings ever again.

Monday, March 21, 2005

How the IRA is useful to Blair and Bush - UPDATE

No sooner had I published my last post, just below, when a kind colleague notified me of this story in today's (Monday 21st March) Metro newspaper.

(The Metro is a free newspaper that is distributed on buses and train stations throughout the UK - Who pays for such a free newspaper?? - What is their political slant? - More on that in a later post I think.....)


By David Harding,

Fears were growing last night that Irish republican dissidents are planning to bomb mainland Britain.

The Anti-Terrorist Branch, MI5 and MI6 have raised their threat assessment to 'Substantial' - one notch below the 'Severe-general' threat level designated to Al-Queda.

It follows new intelligence about increased activity from splinter terror groups such as the Real IRA, which was behind the Omagh bombing in 1998 which left 29 people dead.

Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism unit has sent an email to hundreds of businesses in the capital warning of the potential threat.

It says: 'Reporting indicates that disident Irish Republican terrorists are currently planning to mount attacks on the UK mainland'.

It warns about the potential methods that terrorists might use in any fresh campaign. They include incendiary devices and improved explosive devices, postal devices and shooting attacks.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: 'There is no specific intelligence that indicates places, events or people in the UK that would lead us to issue specific warnings to the public'.

IRA bombs killed dozens of people in mainland Britain between 1972 and 1997, when the organisation declared a cease-fire.

Splinter groups such as the Real IRA have carried out several attacks in Britain, although there have been no mainland bombing since 2001.

[Bold highlights by me]

Well, Well, Well.....................!!?!?!?!?!?

Is the timing of this just too perfect....?!!?!

Did you catch that bit about Improved explosive devices? Hmmmm......

With all the world's eyes currently on the IRA at this moment, they decide to up the anti, and engage upon a new mainland bombing campaign?

Are they nuts, why would they do that? They would surely be playing into the hands of those who wish to impose a greater degree of control upon the UK's population! Or is that the general idea.

A bit like Syria being blamed for killing Rafik Hariri, when that would just have to be the most stupid act that Syria could do, especially with Uncle Sam holding a six-shooter at their temples.......

So, we have the G.W Bush, Blair, and the state-owned media All publicly attacking the IRA terrorists. And at exactly the same time...........we have Blair trying to introduce highly unpopular, freedom-limiting 'Anti-Terrorist' bills into parliment.

And to top all of this off, we now have a Perfect Excuse to introduce new Draconian Terror Laws!


There is more than a war on terror going on, there is a War For Your Mind..... And if you believe these lies, then you are basically saying, "I cannot think for myself".......

And if some bombs do go off soon, and The Real IRA takes responsibility (via the official media), or even if the same media blame the IRA, then you will know We have all been set up, long in advance.

What will happen then??????

Oh well, I suppose those that cannot think for themselves will welcome those Draconian, Freedom-Limiting Anti-Terrorist Laws.........

How the IRA is useful to Blair and Bush

Tony Blair and George Bush have a lot in common, they both are incredibly distasteful, yet vigorous enforcers for the WAR ON TERROR.

Now recent events in Ireland and the UK once again raise the LIE ALERT alarm bells.

The recent tragic murder of Robert McCartney in Dublin, Ireland, and the resulting political manoeuvres surely carry some hidden underlying message, to at least those who can see it.

For those who missed what happened; members of the IRA purportedly murdered Robert McCartney in a pub row, and are accused by members of Mr McCartney’s family of intimidating witnesses.

Curiously, the IRA have been very quiet in recent times, some say due to the leverage Sinn Fein have acquired since the cease-fire between the UK Govt and the IRA.

But all of a sudden, the IRA is once again in the front pages on the papers, a strange event for a terrorist organisation that has been inactive for 5 years now…..

Now I'm not saying the IRA is innocent here, who knows until more evidence is unearthed.

But in the last week, we have G.W Bush inviting Mr McCartney’s five sisters and his partner to visit the White House, as a tribute to ‘All those working towards Peace in Northern Ireland’.

Then we have Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein’s representative who was also in Washington this week, and was publicly attacked by Mr Bush (USA has always supported the IRA when it suited them, remember…………..)

So fair enough then, perhaps Blair asked Bush to do him this one favour, and attack the IRA as loudly and as publicly as possible. After all, Bliar is trying his damnest to introduce freedom-limiting ‘Anti-Terrorist’ policies into parliament. Which will additionally bring the UK’s current freedoms into line with the FAKE Freedoms our American cousins are now entitled to.

Case closed?

Now call me cynical (as if..), but do Bush & Bliar really give a toss about the family of a tragically murdered man in Northern Ireland. If the double-duo can murder up to 200,000 innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan, what makes them care so much about this dreadful death?

Political Leverage?

Please, Please let the people of the UK know that Bush and Bliar are using the appalling death of Mr McCartney as leverage for their WAR ON TERROR. Make no mistake. - They are using this tragic event as an excuse to enforce Blair's new TERRORIST LAWS...

But then again, we already knew that, didn’t we?

The Da Vinci Code – Fact or Fiction?

What a hullabaloo this book has caused, and no wonder either!!

Of course The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is a work of fiction, but the story he tells is not totally unique, or new in any way. Dan Brown is certainly not the first author to broach the subject that Jesus actually did marry, and had offspring whose descendants live amongst us today.

The Gnostics, and other such gatherings throughout our history, have all taught that Jesus did indeed have children, and more so, this is partly related to the Blood Line Of The Holy Grail. (Note that this is a Small Part of the grail story….. not the entire affair)

Could the truth be stranger than fiction?

I know devout bible-bashin, hell-spittin Christians will immediately ignore the possibility that the Big-J (Jesus..) got married and subsequently had kids, the sturdy believers will duly attack the messenger for such heresy. But certain facts are certainly worth pondering.

Consideration No.1

The first bible, or at least the earliest copy of The New Testament, did not appear until 600 AD. Now that’s a long time, relatively speaking. All sorts of additions to the story could have been added, all sorts of changes to the original story could be added within a 600-year period. Think Chinese-Whispers multiplied by 600.

Think about it? Isn’t it a bit strange that the first copy of The New Testament was 600 yrs late?

Consideration No.2

The Gnostics and others taught up to around 600 AD, and after that time period, that Jesus did indeed marry and have children. The annoying fact is there is very little documentation to survive that was written by the Gnostics BECAUSE….. The good ole Christian Clans persecuted, beat up, decapitated, burned and hanged the Gnostics for HERESY…………….

But, there is evidence that between year 0 and 600 there were established Gnostic doctrines that taught about the descendants of Jesus (not to mention his human parents....), long before the first New Testament made it’s decidedly late appearance.

Consideration No.3

Only the winners get to write history. After all, if the Christians promptly eliminated the Gnostics for writing that the descendants of Jesus lived on after Big J died, then that must be true, right???

There is actually another insight into the Dan Brown idea (and the Gnostic teachings), that what Jesus actually taught, was what
Gurdjieff, Mouravieff & Ouspensky duly define as ESOTERIC CHRISTIANITY.

Esoteric Christianity is the study, and the tragic story of ‘Man the Machine’. By Machine, these teachers note that man is indeed mechanical in his ways:

I like to get up early in the morning

I like to sleep in late

This is what is meant by ‘mechanical’. The same individual will utter both these statements, and they will indeed believe each statement, at the particular moment declared in time.

But there in lies the rub… so which is it? Do you want to lie in, or do you want to get up early??????

Ignoring my bad example…. students of MAN came to the conclusion that what JESUS taught was actually ESOTERIC CHRISTIANITY. Because Jesus, and other purveyors of Esoteric Christianity came to the horrific realisation that man is 'made of many small *I*'s.
By "I (s)", is meant that one part of you will want to get up early in the morning. But later on, another 'You' , or another *I* will take dominant control of your brain, and that *I* will now be in control for a while.
And this new *I* may just want to have a nice long lie in.......... Schizophrenic personalities, or a true observance of the Human condition? Makes you think don't it.....?

Jesus knew that 'man' was an almost schizophrenic, fractured being who arrives at all his destinations by predictable-mechanical means, rather than using any dedicated thought, direction, or a realisation of the tragic predicament he is born unto.

These Students Of Mankind realised that the search for a Master Within The Mind, The Philosophers Stone, The Alchemist, The Shaman’s Ascent, and The Search For The Holy Grail were……. ALL THE SAME THING!!!!!

This is exactly what Jesus tried to convey, before the winners got to re-write history (think, 600 year period before the first bible appeared).

Laura Knight-Jadczyk has written extensively about the Da Vinci Code, and it’s direct relationship to Esoteric Christianity, and writings of Fulcanelli, the most famous Alchemist is recent history.

The following is taken from an article written by
Laura Knight-Jadczyk, entitled The True Identity of Fulcanelli and The Da Vinci Code;

In terms of the myths and stories of the search for the Holy Grail, or, in our modern metaphor - the escape from the Matrix - most of the figures appearing in the Greek constellations were said to have been placed there by one of the gods to honor and perpetuate their memory. The constellation figures of Cepheus and Cassiopeia are unusual in that they were not granted their positions as an honor, but are there to complete the story of Perseus, Andromeda and Cetus. This is a group of five constellations that is unusual in that it is the only classical myth to be so fully depicted.

Can it be that this is a a clue that this myth is a sort of “message in a bottle” to mankind?
I urge the curious reader to check out this most thought-provoking article in full, which is in itself excerpted from her new book, The Secret History Of The World.
Furthermore, Patrick Riviere wrote the book’s intro, and Patrick Riviere was taught Alchemic truths by the famous alchemist author, Eugene Canseliet. And Eugene Canseliet was one of the last students of the great Fulcanelli himself.

Here is what Patrick Riviere had to say about The Secret History Of The World;

This book of revolutionary importance is essential reading. With this original work, Laura Knight-Jadczyk shares with us her prodigious discoveries that put into question History as well as our habitual observations concerning the myth of the “Grail”. She does this by revisiting the Bible and comparative mythology, looking closely into parallel universesand hyperspace, and penetrating into quantum physics, genetics, and the mysteries of the diverse creations populating the hyperdimensions of the Cosmos.Throughout her exposé, Laura Knight-Jadczyk refers to two powerful works of the scientist-alchemist Fulcanelli: The Mystery of the Cathedrals and Dwellings of the Philosophers. She applies her vast knowledge to the continuation of his work.

The truth is indeed stranger than fiction.............

Friday, March 18, 2005

I Was There, I Did This, It’s Like A Trophy

Long week this has been… Last night I tried to step back from the day to day actualities of modern life to find out what has been happening in the world of Men (As Gandlalf would say).

What should immediately pop up from the black and white, was this hellish story about the young American soldier, Pfc. Chase McCollough, who brought home from Iraq a Particularly gruesome memento from his time spent in Iraq; home video footage of twisted decapitated bodies, battle-strewn suburban landscapes and smiling GI’s. All accompanied by an MTV-Friendly Rock soundtrack.

This is what his family saw: a handful of American soldiers filmed through the green haze of night-vision goggles. Radio communication between two soldiers crackles in the background before it's drowned out by a heavy-metal soundtrack.

"Don't need your forgiveness," the song by the band Dope begins as images unfurl: armed soldiers posing in front of Bradley fighting vehicles, two women covered in black abayas walking along a dusty road, a blue-domed mosque, a poster of radical cleric Muqtada Sadr. Then, to the fast, hard beat of the music — "Die, don't need your resistance. Die, don't need your prayers" — charred, decapitated and bloody corpses fill the screen.

I know this is nothing new, I guess troops have collected souvenirs from their battles since man first learned to obey orders to kill.

But what is terrifying about this story is that Thomas Doherty, chairman of the film studies program at Brandeis University and author of "Projections of War: Hollywood, American Culture and World War II," called the videos an authentic diary of the war.

After watching the video, Doherty said, "Of course you're struck by the gruesomeness of the carnage, but it's a wide range of images."

He went on to praise "the contra-punctual editing — the beat of the tune and the flash of the images," calling it "a very slick piece of work."

"The MTV generation goes to war," he said. "They should enter it at Sundance."

I’m not really surprised this gruesome video would be suggested to be geared towards the MTV generation/audiences. A lot of folks in my generation have been spoon-fed violent TV, computer games and music since youth.

It’s almost as if the youth have been exposed to these horrors in advance to de-mystify the impact of these types of events. So in light of the Grand Theft Auto induced acceptance of cartoon violence, this movie could be in for a shout at the Sundance Movie Festival……………..

God we are so screwed.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Universal Ban On Smoking - Total Hypocrisy

Speak about the rise of fascism in the U.S. and the U.K. and you will often be met with deadly silence. Raise the subject of UFO's and you may well just be laughed at .... But bring up the discussion of SMOKING, and observe the emotional opinionated weight this very subject carries.

People tend to feel very strongly, one way or another, about the SMOKING subject. Why is this? Why do people care more about smoking than say, Poverty, Famine, War. Funny that....

I personally do smoke, though my partner does not. She would like to see me stop, but this is more due to the heavy cost of them to purchase in the UK, rather than due to any anti-smoking propaganda she may have picked up through the MSM's campaigning.

Now, I have to say that there is a great deal of hypocrisy from the government when it comes to smoking (and a lot of other subjects too....).

According to the Glasgow Herald, for every one person that dies of smoking, another 99 die in road accidents...... THINK ABOUT THIS...!?!?!?!?

We the people, are subjected to deadly flouride in our water system.

We the people, are subjected to chemtrails, and the resulting chemicals that breed in the very air we breathe.

We the people, are subjected to dangerous additives, preservatives and flavourings in our food.

We the people, are subjected to listen to Elton John and Phil Collins.

Lucky us, they really know how to care.

So why does the PTB put so much time, energy and resources into the anti-smoking effort? In light of War, Famine, Corporate appetite for destruction and comets all coming our way, it does seem, well, odd.


Now hang on there..... Dont ALT+F4 quite just yet, please do let me explain! Check these articles for some relevations.

Could tobacco save your life?
05, 2003

We all know that smoking endangers our health. But has nicotine's image problem led scientists to overlook the drug's potential health benefits? Geoff Watts investigates:

Attempts to use nicotine in Parkinson's date back to the 1920s when one clinician injected it intravenously into a dozen patients. Although benefits were immediately apparent, little more happened for 50 years. Interest picked up again in the Eighties, but virtually all studies used small numbers of patients, and results were mixed.
Even so, to quote Balfour and Fagerstrom, "the experience from these few cases, although mostly uncontrolled and preliminary... warrants further investigation". For one thing, they say, nicotine may improve only certain symptoms, so may be more valuable to some patients than others.

Nicotine has also been tested in small studies on pain, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obesity and anxiety. In these disorders the evidence so far has been even more patchy. But serious research programmes have often been triggered by less impressive findings. So why the relative lack of interest in nicotine as a research topic with clinical payoffs?
Hmmmm, makes you think don't it! So could smoking be good for you?

I read yet another article for the thinkers about this most Taboo subject;

From recent news reports, it has come to our attention that smoking is a vice that "leaders" around the world are determined to stamp out. But why? The official story is that our ever benevolent governments wish to prevent "we the people" from damaging our health, and that of others (if you believe the "second hand smoke" fable. Those of a more cynical disposition claim that the truth has more to do government aims of cutting back on public health expenditure for preventable diseases like lung cancer.

Yet this explanation is relevant only for those few countries where public health care is free and is also contingent on the, as yet, missing evidence that smoking really is the number one cause of cancer, rather than the many other pollutants that we all inhale every day.

Given what we know of the contempt in which The Powers That Be
hold most of humanity, and the lack of convincing evidence that even moderate smoking really is a risk to public health, we are forced to look for another reason for the increasingly world-wide witch hunt on smoking and smokers.

Much food for thought here I think. To think that there is a direct link between Non-Smokers and Alzheimers Disease... In other words, it seems the majority of sufferers from this Brain Disease, are non smokers.....? Surely this is worthy of serious study?

So, there is a health benefit from smoking, namely that Nicotine (which is non-carcinogenic BTW) is very-good for the old grey-brain-matter. And the most efficient way for Nicotine to enter the body, is actually, through smoking....!?!?

And also of serious study is why does the governments want us all to quit in light of this information. Oh yeah, thats right, they only have our best interests at heart, I remember now.....!!!!!

Personally I agree with Bill Hick's with the smoking issue;

The greatest advertisement for Smokers is the example of Non Smokers. Do you really want to become one of these people?????? LOL

As for "Governement Health Warnings" , I think any contact with a government body should come with a health warning........

God Bless The Blogs

Oh well, it's been a while since I last posted. I've been akin to a rabbit in headlights recently, stopped dead in my tracks with fear of the unknown, and filled with inertia because of what I think I do know.

So 'thank you' to that individual in my life for helping me regain my clarity, for helping me to brush off those cobwebs and help me once again to hold my head into the oncoming winds.


Why are the powers within government and the mainstream media throwing such a wobbly fit at the writings of the world's bloggers? Could it just be that they know bloggers are daring to state the truth, and don't have to bow to political pressure. After all, Bloggers are not paid to write their findings or ponderings. So in a way, Bloggers are free to comment without fear of financial reprisal.

Well sort of. It seems the time is coming when Bloggers will be punished for having the audacity to speak out against what they see as crimes against humanity.
Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that the MSM's hands are tied. They are wholly owned by the powers that wish to make war with other nations. How can the MSM really promote the truth, when the truth is damaging to the interests of the Powers That BE?

As for me, I'm not a writer in the traditional sense (what do you mean 'I can tell'.....) I'm not very good at writing and probably never will be. That's not emotional thinking either BTW, it's an objective fact of reality. I'm a musician, and I express myself much better using that medium I think.

(Now there's a thought, a Musical Blog where I sing my thoughts aloud to Cyberspace and the Universe!!!)

So I don't just write this for myself, I write this on behalf of all those lost souls that were denied their voice, and even denied their opportunity for a life (Iraq.....? Afghanistan......? Africa......?).

It's a sobering thought, that there exists a chance for us all to express ourselves, and we do not take that opportunity to do so. What a waste that would be. Bloggers are doing their duty as human beings to express their thoughts, their ponderings, and their findings regarding these Upside-Down, Inside-Out Crazed Horrific Tragic Times.

As someone once wrote, "When all around you is Darkness, You be the light". I think this means more now than it ever did.

So regarding myself.....I'm not even a useful idiot, I'm a completely useless fool, trying his hardest to make himself useful......