Wednesday, June 28, 2006

London Bombings - Questions and Answers

"On July 10 last year, Bridget Dunne opened the Sunday newspapers eager for information about the blasts that had brought death and mayhem to London three days earlier. Like many people that weekend, Dunne was confused by the conflicting reports surrounding what had initially been described as a series of "power surges" on the tube.

Why were the Metropolitan Police saying that these surges, which were now being attributed to bombs, had occurred simultaneously at 8.50am, when they had originally been described as taking place over the space of 26 minutes?

Dunne, a 51-year-old foster carer, was also having trouble squaring the Met's statement on July 8 that there was "no evidence to suggest that the attacks were the result of suicide bombings" with the growing speculation that Islamic suicide bombers and al-Qaida were to blame for the blasts that had hit the London underground and a bus in Tavistock Square. The Met Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, had talked himself of "these people who oppose our way of life".

"I'm not a conspiracy theorist," insists Dunne. "I was just trying to make a cohesive, coherent story from the facts."


In my honest opinion, WE (the royal us..) have received no proper answers to the many questions about what transpired on 07/07/2005. It's easy to question our respective governements actions in these 'interesting times', but the London Bombings appear to only benefit our governments wishes?

Live aid was in full swing, the people's of the earth were united in making POVERTY HISTORY, when all of a sudden.... like the baddie in a comic-strip, the dastardly and black-masked AL-QUEDA strike and ALL attention is drawn to just how vulnerable we are to the predations of these Muslim Hordes??!

It's just too perfect. In one fell swoop, attention is focused on why we must unite to face the common enemy, and support unilateral wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran..??

Nonsense...... Total lies and a puppet show for the benefit of our governements and to garner support for their wars of imperial agression.

Bridget Dunne who lives in Camden, north London, wrote to her local paper.

"Do you think we are being told the truth over these bombings?" she asked. "There are so many unanswered questions that just don't make any sense."

Dunne's letter was immediately picked up by a blogger called Blaugustine and within days she found herself the recipient, via the internet, of other intriguing snippets, such as the claim that on the morning of 7/7 a former Scotland Yard anti-terrorism branch official had been staging a training exercise based on bombs going off simultaneously at precisely the stations that had been targeted.

Remind anyone of 9/11/2001, when the US GOV was conducting exercises to combat Passenger Flights Being Used As Missiles??

" The first "hole" in the narrative is the Home Office's claim that on July 7 the quartet boarded a 7.40am Thameslink train to King's Cross.

According to Dunne, when an independent researcher visited Luton and demanded a train schedule from Thameslink, he was told that the 7.40am had never run and that the next available train, the 7.48, had arrived at King's Cross at 8.42 - in other words too late for the bombers to have boarded the three tube trains that exploded, according to the official timings, eight minutes later at Aldgate, Edgware Road and Russell Square. "


So how do we explain the above? - We don't, or we're not supposed to....

To me, anyway, it seems that MI-5, or MI-6 are behind these bombings. They just don't have the same expertise as The Mossad when it comes to False Flag Operations........

" I asked passengers what they had seen and experienced and was told by two survivors from the bombed train that, at the moment of the blast, the covers on the floor of their carriage had flown up - the phrase they used was "raised up". There was no time to check their statements as moments later the police widened the cordon and I was directed to the opposite pavement, outside the Metropole hotel. "

The offical story as we all know, states that suicide bombers blew themselves up... How is this possible if it appears the bombs were placed UNDER the carriages??

Once again it appears the battle is for our minds, and soon probably or very own lives if we allow these pathocratic psychopaths to carry out without checks.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pattern Lost In The Noise

History has a strange way of repeating itself. It could be said that 'We' as people of the good earth, have an innate tendancy to our echo past experiences.... until we learn not to...

Easier said than done eh?!

I wonder how many people have read or heard about Prescott Bush? He's the current USA president's (Dubya) grandfather, and to put it bluntly.... he worked for the Nazis. He made the Nazi party a lot of money. He also made the Bush family a fortune too.

In 1942, Congress seized the assets of Prescott Bush and charged him with trading with the enemy. Bush and his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker, were managing directors of the Union Banking Corp. of New York City. Allied with Brown Brothers Harriman, the largest private investment bank in the world, Bush and Walker were front men for Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen.

Thyssen, whose empire was founded on coal and steel, financed the rise of Adolf Hitler. Then as now, cloaking funds destined for subversion of democracies or weapons shipment was a useful tactic. To hide transactions and conceal ownership, Thyssen created a banking network. The first node was established in Berlin, a second in neutral Holland. UBC in New York was the linchpin.

The facts of the matter are... that the Bush family made it's money from funding the Nazi's. If you connect the dots, it's not difficult to see a repeating pattern here... Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran??

The Bush family have made millions from the suffering of others. War profiteering is the name of the game.

I'm not surprised if many folks know these facts though. It's not as if the media will shout it, or someone from the press-corps would ask President Bush about it at a white-house meeting?

Despite this history, the news media continue to present a selective picture of the Bush family and its business connections. People who tried to show the warts were shouted down; in 2000, St. Martin's Press, the first publisher of "Fortunate Son," a George W. Bush biography, was forced to recall and destroy
its inventory.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.... I'll leave this short reprise with this;

According to Bob Woodward's "Bush At War," the president attended a New York Yankees game not long after the 9/11 attacks. Wearing a New York City fireman's jacket, Bush threw out the first pitch and the crowd roared its approval. From a skybox above the stadium, Karl Rove, Bush's political adviser, likened the roar of the crowd to "a Nazi rally."

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jeff Rense - A Compulsive Liar?

'Patsy Smullin has run KOBI-TV for the last 30 years, and her father founded it. If anybody would have known Jeff Rense and the supposed 5,000 newscasts he claims to have made, it would be Patsy.

When asked if she could elaborate on the comment she'd made regarding
Rense not being known for his honesty, her response was: "Sure. He was a compulsive liar." Also, when questioned as to the claim that Jeff anchored and produced “5000 newscasts,” Patsy Smullin laughed heartily and stated, “This is absolutely false. He never did that here.” Okay, if not at KOBI-TV, then where? Perhaps Jeff Rense will reveal this to us all at some point so we can check it out. '

Last week Lisa Guliani published an update to the Jeff Rense investigation. (see my post here).

Lisa interviewed Patsy Smullin, who has run KOBI-TV for the last 30 years. Patsy was Jeff Rense's boss, "or 'a guy calling himself Jeff Rense' (her words), was employed at KOBI (an NBC affiliate) from June 1983 to May 1984".

As you can see from the above quoted remarks from Patsy, she was not too favourable of Mr Rense. However, things have now taken a dark twist. SOMEONE has scared Patsy Smullin, and she has contacted Lisa from Wing-TV and nervously asked Lisa to remove the 'liar' sentences from Lisa's original article (at the same time asking if an attorney had contacted Lisa....).

On May 31, 2006 at 4:30 pm I received an unexpected phone call from Patsy Smullin, owner of KOBI-TV Channel 5 in Medford, Oregon. If you read my latest article entitled, Jeff Rense: A Reinvention of What?, then you know that Patsy Smullin is Jeff Rense’s former employer.

This was our third conversation in a weeks’ time, and regrettably it wasn’t as cordial as our previous exchanges.Ms. Smullin began the conversation by asking, “Have you heard from the Eugene attorney yet?”

She sounded extremely nervous and agitated and her voice was shaking.

I responded with, “An attorney; for what? No, I haven’t heard from anybody. What is this about?”

Smullin was having great difficulty expressing herself, and I was trying to put together the gist of what she was attempting (but unable) to say.

Smullin: You called me asking for Jeff Rense’s dates of employment and I had to do a lot of work to get that information for you. I had to go into another building to get that information for you.

Me: “Yes, and I thank you. But what are you talking about now? What attorney? I don’t understand what you mean.”

Smullin: “You need to remove those two sentences from your article.”

Me: “Which sentences?”

Smullin:The ones about Jeff Rense being a compulsive liar, and about him not being known for his honesty. You need to remove those.

Me: “Why should I remove them? I didn’t misquote you at all. I wrote down exactly what you said. I have it in my notes. You knew I was writing an article.

Smullin: (in a low voice): “That’s not the way I remember it.” (A pause, then excitedly) “You don’t seem to understand. I’m trying to help you.”

Me: “No, I don’t understand, because you haven’t told me what you’re talking about. That’s not the way you remember it? We just spoke YESTERDAY. What are you saying? Are you now suddenly denying that you made those comments? Are you calling me a liar? I wrote exactly what you told me.” No response to my questions. (Another pause.)

Smullin: “I’m saying you need to be very careful. I can’t say anymore.”

Me: “I need to be careful? Careful of what? Are you saying somebody’s going to sue me? If so; for what … for quoting you?”

Smullin: “No, no. I really can’t say anymore. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called, I’m sorry. I can’t say anymore.” Click.

Well, well, well..... It seems someone has indeed tried to put the frighteners on Patsy Smullin. She was only telling her experiences with the shadowy Jeff Rense, and someone has tried to seriously put her off by dubious threats of legal action.

If Jeff Rense had nothing to hide, he can easily provide evidence of his self-praised 5000 news articles, and other achivements he states openly on his site. The problem is, there is NO proof he actually did any of these achievements at all.

Seeker beware as we say..... The Jeff Rense investigation gets even murkier. Cointelpro is everywhere, and it's financed by big budgets. The kind of big budgets that can run sites like Jeff Rense's, and provide scary attornies to scare innocent people into running away from the truth.

Patsy, don't let them get to ya....

You Lot

" YOU...are becoming gods. There's a new master of creation and it's you!

You've unraveled DNA, but are, at the same time, cultivating bacteria strong enough to kill every living thing. You think you're ready for that much power? You lot? You lot?

You cheeky bastards.....

You're creating a new world while the world you've got is stink fecked! You're running around with science like kids with guns. Hands up? Hands up anyone who thinks they've got it right? Yeah.... There's always one. I can see ya. If you wanted the position of God then take the responsibility."

Orbital - "You Lot" (download track here)