Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We are the muslim haters

I aint been bloggin again or doing much of anything recently. Kinda enjoyed chillin with some really interesting books, The Myth of Sanity and The Narcissistic family. Both highly recommended that allows you to see a little of how each of us are the Walking Wounded.... in our day-to-day states of living with the collected scars we had inflicted from various bad interactions (even from family and friends).

Well as I was starting to enjoy my own company a bit too much (is that a bad thing? - Probably lol. (I'm starting to get worried now :-) I visited Glasgow this weekend to take in some of the shops and lunch with a few mates. Low and behold we've turned into a raving mob of angry muslim haters. 'We are the muslim... haters'..... sung like a football chant, this was flung at all who would listen outside a respectable pub in the west end?! Seriously...

Someone once said your average Muslim is no more likely to blow something up, as your average Christian is for blowing up an abortion clinic. The nutcases who tried to blow up Glasgow airport are examples of Idiots, and Extremists who exist on every religious branch at either end of the scale. It should be obvious that these idiots are not representive of Muslims or Hindus in any way, shape or form.

After all, are we not at war? And does your average citizin support the war? And would a nice show of Muslim Suicide Madness get the 'Revenge' and 'Suspicion?!' cards played among the general population?

It seems the would-be-bombers have actually assisted Blair... ooops sorry Brown (same shit.different day) in his efforts to lick the A in the USA's stinking war mongering attempts to rool-the-wurld?!

MMMmmmmm red flags all over the place. And even Muslim doctors are being givin the eye by the average Jimmy in the street.. with no real information, facts or names... stories are being driven onto the UK papers demonizing the Ahmed Family -

Attacking the Intelligentsia are we ala the way the Nazi's did??

But something else also hit me.... The West has been shitting on muslims in general for a long time now. From giving Palestine to the Jews, manipulating politics, starting self interest wars, and generally pissing off generations of muslims and their middle eastern cousins alike; we have lit a tinderbox - And the odd psycho is going to react in a typical psycho way.. Hence the Glasgow Airport Bombers?

Possible? I think so.

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